Diamonds are forever – two innovative classics from Mitsubishi, the Eclipse Cross and the L200 Car Test

This month on Car Test we review two Mitsubishi marvels. First up, let’s turn our attention to the Eclipse Cross. Aesthetically this is a hugely attractive vehicle, with sharp expressive lines and a muscular, athletic body shape the Eclipse Cross is stylish as well as practical. It has an integrated, hard-wearing exterior trim and we loved the two tone 18-inch alloy wheels which assert its 4x4 SUV heritage. The Eclipse Cross blends form and function, incorporating modern technology into its design to enhance aerodynamics and performance. We made the journey northwards to Sheffield via our preferred A1 route. This is an ancient Roman road and feels like it in stretches, but whatever the changing surface threw at our Eclipse Cross it powered on smoothly, responsively and comfortably. There are fantastic features for long journeys, from obvious elements like LED headlights to the smaller details like the shark fin antenna and reversing camera. From tarmac to snow the Eclipse Cross tackle any situation. With Mitsubishi’s Super All Wheel Control technology coupled with the powerful and efficient 1.5L turbo

petrol engine, the Eclipse Cross is a great compact SUV package. The new lightweight 6-speed manual gearbox is very responsive and provides greater fuel efficiency when travelling on longer journeys. The 360º Camera helps make tricky manoeuvres and tight parking spaces much easier and is activated automatically when the car is in reverse, providing a birds-eye view of the area surrounding the vehicle. Adaptive cruise control monitors the road and adjusts the car's speed, maintaining your chosen distance from the vehicle in front. The front section of the panoramic roof opens like a traditional sunroof, while both the front and back sun blinds can be opened or closed to let in more light. We also found it to be a very flexible vehicle, with rear seats that fold flat and slide forward, giving a significant increase to boot space. The Eclipse Cross has competitive acceleration of acceleration 0-62 mph secs 9.7 and a maximum speed mph 127, whilst returning generous fuel figures of up to 41.5 mpg. Take a test drive and you may find that this car eclipses many other SUVs on the current market.

We also tested the legendary L200. We had a particularly thrilling and productive week in our double-cab Warrior model, enjoying the enthusiastic torque of 2500 lbs and the Super Select 4WD System, capable of huge payloads whilst delivering power as smoothly and quietly as many top range saloons. The 2.4 diesel engine achieves 0-62 acceleration in a very respectable 10.4 seconds whilst there’s an impressive maximum speed of 111 mph. And to think all this energy and power also returns up to 46.3 mpg is quite something. Of course, the L200 has long established itself as a supreme working vehicle, with a load capacity of 1,120 kgs and a towing capacity of 3,500 kgs, if there was a show called The World’s Strongest Car, there would be the L200, with a rope slung around its shapely curved nose, pulling a locomotive down the track, way ahead on the leader board. But what really impressed us was the comfort and technological spec of the passenger cabin. There are the crafted black leather seats


and steering wheel, dual zone climate control, a DAB radio with Bluetooth music streaming and steering wheel audio controls and much more besides, affirming that Mitsubishi don’t neglect your creature comforts just because you roll your sleeves up to go to work. And behind the wheel, as well as the torque and power, there are lots of thoughtful driver assists to take the heat out of a challenging day. There’s a keyless operating system, dusk sensing Bi-Xenon HID headlights, LED daytime running lights and rear-view camera, automatic rain sensors and cruise control. And with its 17" alloy wheels and silver sidesteps the L200 has long dispensed with the myth that a hard worker can’t be good looking. The L200 double-cab Warrior is powerful, nimble and a thrill to drive. We recommend you take a closer look, as we did. The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is available from £21, 290, whilst the L200 range starts at £19,505.00. For full details or to book a test drive visit or call 01285 647774.


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