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There is nothing more infuriating for UK owners of empty commercial properties than the on-going drain of Empty Property Rates. Owners are shelling out a collective fortune - running into millions of pounds every year - on industrial units, warehouses, offices and retail properties that stand idle.

But the bulk of that money could stay in the pockets of the owners, according to one specialist UK firm.

Owners could ‘save a fortune’ on Empty Property Rates CRUSADER


“Annual savings upwards of 80% are very common across all types of empty properties and that figure can rise as high as 93%,” said a senior spokesperson at Crusader Empty Property Rates Avoidance ( “For anyone unfortunate enough to be sitting on an empty property we can present solutions to avoid the payment of empty property rates.”

Crusader offers rates saving schemes that cover empty properties in England and Wales, providing bespoke solutions based on years of experience.

“We have a deep understanding of property rating legislation and how to reduce liability on empty properties,” added the spokesman. It is a complex field, but we have the expertise and experience necessary to provide owners with help, answers and savings.

There is a fortune waiting to be saved. Empty property rates are a massive drain on resources, particularly given the current economic climate and the on-going struggle to find tenants for empty properties. Therefore, it is imperative that property owners discover just what can be done to keep the burden of empty property rates to an absolute minimum.”

Here are a couple of examples of the savings that can be made through Crusader.

Example 1:-

Empty industrial/warehouse with annual payable rates of £200,000.Crusader will save you £180,000 (all fees paid).

Example 2:-

Empty industrial/warehouse with annual payable rates of £87,000. Crusader will save you £75,690 (all fees paid).

Those are hugely significant savings and it isn’t just the industrial units (of all sizes) that stand to benefit - smaller retail and office properties qualify too. So, if you are a property owner paying empty property rates, simply get in touch with the Crusader team to start the process and make serious and completely legal savings.

The Crusader Empty Property Rates Avoidance team can be contacted via: or by calling 01772 369166 Please see Crusader advertisement on the inside cover of this issue

The RO secures first Fitwel certification for a multi-tenanted building in Europe

at the entrance to the internationally renowned Brooklands, which is rich in history and offers a modern business environment. Brooklands has already attracted major national and multinational companies including Sony Europe, Proctor & Gamble, Mercedes- Benz, JTI UK, Cameron Oil & Gas, Daikin, Experian, Royal Caribbean International, Samsung and Regus.

David Kershaw, General Manager, RO Real Estate said:

RO is pleased to announce that they are the first company to have secured Fitwel certification for a multi-tenanted building in Europe, at the Dakota building in Weybridge, Surrey. Fitwel is a simple, easy to apply healthy building measure that is quickly gaining traction in the UK and Europe.

The Dakota building is the first UK Fitwel certified scheme outside of London and it is also the first time a multi-tenanted building has secured the certification in Europe. This innovative building certification was achieved with guidance and support from 360, the workplace consultancy within the Fourfront Group.

Dakota, which comprises around 39,461 sq. ft. office space across four floors is a Grade A, multi-let workplace prominently positioned


“Gaining Fitwel certification sets the RO and the Dakota building apart – no space outside of London and no multi-tenanted space in Europe has this certificate. At Dakota we have delivered an impressive contemporary office building with imposing scale and prominence situated in a prime location with great parking and transport links. We have designed everything to exacting standards and with wellbeing in mind, resulting in flexible, open-plan floors and suites, that can positively contribute to the employee feel good factor (which can lift productivity and aid staff retention).”

Nick Moore, Head of Investment at RO Real Estate added:

“At the RO we pride ourselves on creating unique, inspiring workplaces and improving the built environment.

“It has taken six months to fully integrate the Fitwel standard and ensure that Dakota remains an inspiring workplace. I am really proud of what has been achieved and we are now adopting the key principles throughout our portfolio, with the next scheme already in the pipeline.”


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