Wales Businesses succeed in Pembrokeshire

With over £200 million of inward investment secured this year Pembrokeshire continues to attract new and exciting businesses. At the same time an increasing number of existing businesses are expanding and creating new jobs and opportunities.

The major part of the Inward Investment has been from Valero Energy Corporation, the world's largest independent petroleum refiner. Since purchasing the Pembroke Refinery in 2011 Valero have continued to invest in the plant and in 2018 they strengthened their presence in the County by purchasing the former SEM oil tank storage facility in Waterston as well as committing to build a £137m Combined Heat and Power plant to supply their Pembroke oil refinery with electricity and steam. These two major steps will improve the efficiency of the company’s operations in the UK.

These developments in the energy sector mean that Pembrokeshire, with its’ refinery, oil storage and distribution facilities, LNG gas plants, and the UK’s largest CCGT power station, as well as numerous wind turbines and solar farms, will retain its important role as a the energy capital of Wales providing the UK with around 25% of its energy needs.

But not all inward investment activity has been from large international energy companies. Kris Sensors relocated from Dorset to the Bridge Innovation Centre in Pembroke Dock where they are manufacturing specialist heat sensors. This microbusiness, currently employing two people, exports 80% of its production and has distributors in Australia, China, Europe and the USA. In the coming year the company is looking to employ electronic assemblers to enable the company to meet the gr growing global demand for their very unique products

Valero Refinery

On the back of the expansion of Valero’s operations in Pembrokeshire, AmSpec Services, a leading independent company that inspects, tests and analyses petroleum products have taken a lease on three large units at the Bridge Innovation Centre. These premises, which are currently being adapted and fitted out will provide the company with a facility from which they can service their local clients. The Pembroke offices will also play a major role in co-ordinating the company’s operations throughout Europe.

Heat Sensor made by Kriz Sensors

On the home front a number of indigenous businesses are also growing

INSITE TECHNICAL SERVICES was a start-up that had its beginnings when the Murco Oil refinery closed in 2014. Starting with a small team of experienced engineers based in the Bridge Innovation Centre the company has gained an excellent reputation as a specialist engineering consultancy. As the company has developed and gained new clients staff numbers have steadily increased and the company now has over 60 staff on its payroll.

Yet another home grown engineering support business, and here “home grown” means operating from the kitchen table, is Murf-tech. In the past few weeks the company, which now has a £1m turnover of which a significant percentage comes from overseas operations, has taken an office in the Bridge Innovation Centre and is set on the next stage of its’ development.

Bridge Innovation Centre, home to many high growth businesses

Continuing on the energy front. The Pembroke Dock Marine project (PDM), which is one element of the Swansea Bay City Deal, focuses on providing the infrastructure and support services to meet the needs of the developing Wave and other marine energy technologies. There are four elements or sub-projects within the PDM project;

META – Marine Energy Test Area, being led by Marine Energy Wales MEECE – Marine Energy Engineering Centre of Excellence, being led by the ORE Catapult PDZ - Pembrokeshire Wave Demonstration Zone, being led by Wave Hub Pembroke Dock Infrastructure – being led by the Milford Haven Port Authority

These projects builds upon the existing marine energy cluster that has been established over recent years and that is now attracting interest from across the globe with companies such as the Australian BOMBORA WAVE relocating to Pembroke Dock to take advantage of the specific sector support that is available.


As this article is being written we have been informed that Swansea Bay Business Life magazine has named three Pembrokeshire businesses; Edukey, Bodysocks and Barlett Engineering, to be among Swansea Bay’s Fast Track 25 companies.

These are just a few examples of successful businesses operating or coming to Pembrokeshire where they find that Pembrokeshire County Council and our partners which include the Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone, The Welsh Government, Pembrokeshire College and leading businesses provide a warm welcome and a continuing programme of support and advice.

For more information about opportunities for your business in Pembrokeshire contact the Council’s business support team; Tony Streatfield 01437 6166 or Michelle Francis 01437 6167 or contact the Bridge Innovation Centre 01646 689200


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