News & numbers “ADM is a pioneer in plant-based nutrition innovation, and this new facility will enhance our ability to meet rapidly

growing consumer demand in the Asia-Pacific region and bring exciting new products and solutions to the market.” Leo Liu, ADM president, Asia-Pacific

Partnership between cereal and brewing giants

EverGrain, a collaboration between Post Holdings and Anheuser-Busch InBev, will see the companies develop and create sustainable food products. Post Holdings’ incubator, Bright Future Foods, seeks to “identify new technologies, business models and trends that have the potential to disrupt the food and beverage industry”, and will be working with AB InBev on climate-positive snacks. New product development will centre on EverGrain’s circular-sourced barley protein alongside Bright Future Foods’ climate- positive oats.

Plant-based hub announced in Singapore

ADM has announced the opening of its new plant-based innovation lab, located in ADM’s Biopolis research hub in Singapore. The lab will develop next-level, on-trend and nutritious products to meet growing food and beverage demand in the Asia-Pacific region.

“ADM is a pioneer in plant-based nutrition innovation, and this new facility will enhance our ability to meet rapidly growing consumer demand in the Asia-Pacific region and bring exciting new products and solutions to the market,” said Leo Liu, ADM president, Asia-Pacific.

The new facility features a combination of

experts in proteins and texturing ingredients, coupled with flavour specialists, allowing ADM to quickly and efficiently create tailor-made solutions for the Asian consumer palate. This lab gives ADM the ability to test flavours, textures, fats and binding characteristics in-house and accelerate product development for customers. Additionally, the lab can provide medium- scale sampling through a variety of forming and freezing capabilities to support market evaluation of new products and solutions. Chief global flavourist and president of creation, design and development for ADM, Marie Wright says, "The lab will help us capture key insight to drive exciting new solutions for the Asian market, but also helps us better serve customers around the world looking to incorporate Asian flavours and preferences into their latest innovations."


In a statement, Bright Future Foods and EverGrain said any products developed would be “formulated using EverGrain's circularly sourced barley protein and fibre”.

Greg Belt, the CEO of EverGrain, said in a statement from Post Holdings: “We are thrilled to partner with Bright Future Foods on reimagining the food-supply chain and developing products that are nutritious, great-tasting and sustainable. They are pioneering new ways to address climate change through food and we are proud to partner with them on that journey.”

Bright Future Foods CEO Mark Izzo added: “EverGrain's innovative processes make its barley-based ingredients one of the most sustainable plant protein and fibre sources in the world, while Bright Future Foods is pioneering climate-friendly snacking that starts with greenhouse-gas- removing grains and targeted sustainable agriculture practices.

This collaboration allows us both to leverage our deep-rooted knowledge in agriculture and food processing to create sustainable new solutions for tackling pressing sustainability challenges.”

Probiotic ice cubes

Singapore-based Iceman introduced ice cubes fortified with probiotics said to promote gut health. A growing number of consumers in Singapore have turned to products that are thought to help build immunity against coronavirus. This resonates with recent GlobalData research, wherein 83% of respondents stated that they find ‘immunity-boosting’ claims to be somewhat or very appealing in food and beverages. Familiarity, convenience, and the increasing desire for gut health and immunity boosters will likely benefit this

innovative launch. Aligned with both the ‘personalisation’ and ‘added functionality’ trends in GlobalData’s TrendSights, Iceman’s Probiotic Ice Cubes should appeal to the 77% of Singaporeans who find the claim ‘contains probiotics’ to be somewhat or very appealing in food and drinks.

Convenient and natural solutions, such as Iceman’s fortified ice cubes show great promise in the food and beverages sector. The innovation’s main appeal is its versatility as it can be incorporated into smoothies that require ice-blend mixes, cocktails and to add a health kick to indulgent drinks.

Canada’s Chickapea receives new investment for gluten-free pasta

Chickapea, the gluten-free organic pasta business in Canada, has secured a Series C round of financing to further develop its growth across North America. Founded in 2016, Chickapea is a certified B Corp business and is led solely by women, making pasta using chickpeas and lentils as the main ingredient in a variety of different shapes and forms.

The company recently launched its +Green pasta line consisting of chickpeas,

lentils, kale and spinach. Chief Executive, Shelby Taylor said: “Chickapea has experienced exponential growth over the past couple of years. There's no longer the question of whether a substantive market exists for nutritious, high-protein pasta, but rather how to keep up with the growth and demands of that market, and this funding will provide us with the resources we need to continue offering the highest quality, most nutritious and innovative products.”

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