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As a product developer at BDI- BioLife Science, you work closely with astaxanthin. What exactly is natural astaxanthin? Katharina Dokulil: Astaxanthin is the strongest natural antioxidant. It belongs to the family of carotenoids and is 6,000 times more potent than vitamin C. With its antioxidant power, it also beats the famous Q10 by far (100 times stronger) and is an ideal active ingredient for food supplements and cosmetics products. It’s therefore the ideal basis for oral and topical application, working both inside and outside the body.

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Natural beauty is on the rise again, and consumers are seeking healthy, natural products to halt the ageing process and improve their skin. There is no surprise, then, that experts in nutrition and cosmetics are all looking to incorporate antioxidants into their products. Katharina Dokulil explains how BDI-BioLife Science uses astaxanthin, the strongest natural antioxidant, to develop a range of products that benefit the whole body – inside and out.

suitable for oral and topical use, and an ideal ingredient for beauty products. In other words, natural beauty from the inside out.

You mention health benefits inside and out. How does that work? Natural beauty is coming back into fashion. Astaxanthin is the perfect choice for anti-ageing and sun protection, as it acts as a protective shield to counteract environmental stress and skin ageing. Numerous clinical studies have already proved its effect, especially in the following areas: prevention of

“Astaxanthin is the perfect choice for anti-ageing and sun protection, as it acts as a protective shield to counteract environmental stress and skin ageing.”

What makes astaxanthin more beneficial than other antioxidants? Antioxidants are very much en vogue because they support our body in the fight against environmental influences and oxidative stress. However, it must be mentioned that some antioxidants show a pro-oxidative effect depending on the amount used, which creates free radicals. Due to this effect, the oxidative stress in the cell is not reduced, but rather increased. The vegan active ingredient in astaxanthin, found in the microalgae haematococcus pluvialis, is a true miracle weapon because it does not show this pro-oxidant effect. With its special molecular structure and membrane permeability, it acts in all cell layers. This is what makes it so

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oxidative damage and UV damage, improvement of the skin’s micro-texture, elasticity by strengthening the collagen layer, and the revitalisation of photo- aged skin by quenching free radicals in all layers of the skin.

Again, the best results are achieved when astaxanthin is used regularly outside and inside the body.

How exactly do you implement this in your daily work as a product developer?

I work with our brands AstaFit for food supplements and AstaCos for cosmetics. In both areas, we offer the active ingredient in different raw material qualities and astaxanthin concentrations. However, we go one-step further as we also support our customers with the development of

frame formulations in trend areas such as inner beauty, healthy ageing or vegan natural cosmetics. We are very innovation- driven, and this is reflected in our prototype range, which ranges from soft gums and vegan energy bars, to cosmetic formulations containing astaxanthin.

What is currently your favourite project and why?

I really like all my projects – whether the focus is on nutritional supplements or cosmetics. However, we are taking large strides in cosmetics right now. With the Cosmos certification of our AstaCos products, we have overcome an important obstacle in the area of international conformity for natural cosmetics. We are also working with renowned institutes to prove the effectiveness and safety of AstaCos with in vivo and in vitro studies. Anti-ageing and sun protection is clearly our main focus; developing new formulations such as a two-phase oil containing hyaluronic acid and natural astaxanthin – we continue to prove our innovative spirit. These projects result in greater industry know-how and allow us to respond well to specific requests. It offers our customers the best support in the development of trendy, new products. Finally, I want to mention that there are several different ways to do something good for your body. Our goal at BDI- BioLife Science is to bring the most powerful natural antioxidant into focus so that as many people as possible can benefit from the effects of astaxanthin. ● 25

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