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Health, fi tness & beauty New Year, New You 9 Double your fi tness in 26 minutes a week

The innovative CAROL bike, which uses AI to give you a 40-second workout, has turned everything we thought we knew about exercise on its head

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at the gym and love the idea of simpli- fying the way they exercise. CAROL is changing the way we


exercise, making it more convenient, easier and faster to get fi t, improve your body composition and boost endorphins to make you look and feel great. Working out on CAROL for only

two, 20-second intense sprints and under nine minutes a session, a total of only 26 minutes a week, has been scientifi cally proven to achieve a true HIIT workout, supercharging your body to lose weight and get fi t by rapidly depleting glycogen stores and burning fat. CAROL, which is short for cardi-

ovascular optimisation logic, works by using AI, based on the data it has on you to do the thinking for you, adjusting your settings in every ride to create customised programmes that will either push you harder or slow you down, until you reach your genetic ‘set point’ for fi tness. CAROL isn’t like other HIIT fi tness

equipment. It’s ‘true HIIT’, the kind scientists use in labs. CAROL uses AI to do the thinking for you. It’s like having an exercise physi- ologist and personal trainer giving

AROL is smart tech for smart people who don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours

you a personalised, optimised and the shortest, most-eff ective workout tailor-made to you. And the best thing is that you only need 26 minutes a week to make a diff erence. T is way you get customised

programmes designed for your height, weight and ability. CAROL adjusts your settings for every ride more precisely than any personal trainer ever could. You can reach your fi tness and weight loss goals faster than you would with any other form of HIIT or traditional exercise regimes. T e sprints are maximum inten-

sity, and yes, they’re brutal because you’re pushed to absolute fatigue at the end of 20 seconds. However, by continually monitoring your heart rate, CAROL pushes you more if you aren’t working hard enough, and if she thinks you’re working too hard, she’ll slow you down too. Why waste time going for a run,

sweating in a spin class or working out at boot camp for an hour when you could be doing more of


things you love with the people you love? T e days of spending time getting workout ready, showering and sweating in the gym are fi nally over — you won’t sweat on CAROL and the fat burner programme has been scientifi cally proven to give you the same workout as a 45-minute jog.

and in Selfridges Smartech space, where you can try CAROL

“It’s like having an exercise physiologist and personal trainer giving you a personalised, optimised and the shortest, most-eff ective workout that’s completely tailor-made to you”

The facts And, if you’re thinking this is all too good to be true, CAROL has been inde- pendently tested by the American Council on Exercise (ACE)* in a randomised, controlled independent trial that said CAROL doubled the bene- fi ts of the government guidelines of fi ve 30-minute exercise sessions a week. CAROL can also have

a dramatic impact on blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity.

are diabetic Studies*

have shown that using CAROL actually has a better impact on blood sugar than regular walking for people who insulin resistant.


— interest-free fi nance is available

carolfi T: 020 3808 5137


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