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Get the best rheumatology treatment P

rofessor Hughes has been a Consultant Physician and Rheumatologist

since 1993

and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the diagnosis and management of all types of rheumatic disease. T is ranges from common conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis through more unusual muscle, bone and joint infl ammatory diseases that have an auto-immune basis, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. He has a special interest in polymyalgia rheumatica, temporal arteritis and hypermobility. He’s also able to discuss more complex conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fi bromyalgia and post- viral syndromes that may have the need for a clear diagnosis and a more holistic approach. He can help manage common infl ammatory conditions such as gout and pseudogout that often present acute problems that need speedy management and more chronic treatment leading to control and cure. He works within

the private

sector, practising through the BMI Runnymede Hospital in Chertsey and Prime Health in Weybridge where he’s continued his consultancy with suit- able PPE precautions throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Professor Hughes believes that you,

the patient, need to be fully informed of

your investigations and treat- ment and that your preferences and

priorities for treatment should always be considered. Every treatment has both advantages and possible adverse eff ects and Professor Hughes will discuss these with you in an open and honest fashion and guide you through the tangled web of the internet towards the best sources of infor- mation to help you understand your disease or condition. He’ll also advise on how best to develop strategies for self-management in the long term too. Professor

Rod Hughes has

researched and written about rheu- matic diseases over a rheumatology career spanning 35 years. T is ensures that he keeps up to date on the latest developments in investigation and treatment for arthritis and associated conditions. He can advise and guide you towards your personalised treat- ment plan.


Professor Hughes will provide you with an accessible and comprehensive rheumatology assessment and plan your investigation and treatment for all types of rheumatic diseases, arthritis and osteoporosis. you could make!

Professor Rod Hughes is a very experienced Consultant Rheumatologist working in Chertsey and Weybridge in Surrey. Any new patient can be booked for a face- to-face consultation or a virtual telephone or video appointment, regardless of where they live

T e telephone contact — for administration and booking — is Jody Evans on 01932 877831 E:

Men’s health and the prostate – time to get it checked

Prostate problems are very common and affect men more as they get older. These can range from infl ammation and benign enlargement to cancer, and symptoms can signifi cantly impact on quality of life


“T e new year is the perfect time to get those urinary problems fi xed or to have that prostate assessment that you, or your partner, have been putting off and prevent further issues arising”

othersome urinary symp- toms aff ect four out of 10 men over the age of 50 and three

out of four men in their 70s. T ese symptoms are usually due to benign prostatic enlargement and can be easily improved through medica- tion or minimally invasive surgery. Occasionally, they’re caused by pros- tate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in males in the UK, with incidence rates on the rise. While there’s no national screening programme in place for this, an initial assessment can be easily done through a blood test (PSA) and examination. T e new year is the perfect opportu-

nity to get those urinary problems fi xed or to have that prostate assessment

that you, or your partner, have been putting off and prevent further issues arising in the future. Early assessment and diagnosis of prostate problems can prevent irreversible bladder damage from the eff ects of prostate enlarge- ment and improve survival outcomes if cancer is detected. Mr T omas Smith is a consultant

urologist practicing throughout Kent who’s been recommended and identi- fi ed due to excellence within his fi eld. Mr Smith has specialist experience in prostate cancer diagnostics, the management of prostate enlargement, including laser surgery (HoLEP), as well as all aspects of general urology. He has exceptional patient feedback and surgical outcomes. Mr Smith off ers appointments at KIMS Hospital, Sevenoaks Medical Centre and the Spire Hospital Tunbridge Wells. “Urinary

and prostate problems

are very common and can cause considerable anxiety

and distress

for patients,” says Mr Smith. “Early assessment and treatment can prevent signifi cant problems further down the line. I’d be delighted to see you to fi nally sort out those niggling issues and hopefully put your mind to rest.”

Mr Thomas Smith, Consultant Urologist

T: 01892 741120 smith

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