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SmartBarf Dog nutrition SmartBarf is made from over 50 herbs, berries, nuts, seeds and vegetables, making it a popular choice with pet owners looking for a way to boost the nutrient levels in their dogs’ raw and home-produced meals. SmartBarf has a long shelf life and is simple to use. All it takes is a teaspoon or two — one packet will last a collie-sized dog a whole month.

Promotional Content • Saturday 9th January 2021

A new year gift for owl lovers S

ometimes socks or a box of chocolates simply isn’t enough, as everyone knows.

So, why not make a real difference

this year with an owl gift adoption pack from Te Owls Trust? Te charity holds one of the finest

owl collections in the UK. It’s also free to visit 365 days of the year and the perfect place to learn so much more about

these wonderful birds.

Adopting an owl is the ideal thing to do in 2021 — whether it’s for yourself or someone else. It would make a fabulous present

for a youngster or for that person who seems to have everything they need — or perhaps for that friend who’s impossible to pick for. If you choose to adopt one of Te

SmartBarf Essential Foods

Essential Foods Pet food Essential Living is Essential Food’s take on the ultimate meal range for dogs. It’s made in the UK, with unique recipes, and comes with a minimum of 90% UK- sourced ingredients. Te whole range is a tribute to the British countryside and is packed with a minimum of 75% meat, like Aberdeen Angus, venison and fresh fish. Why wait to improve your dog’s health and wellbeing?


Seresto Flea and tick collar Seresto flea and tick control collar provides up to eight months’ flea and tick protection for cats and dogs, killing fleas within 24 hours and actively repelling and killing ticks. Odourless and water-resistant, it’s the longest- lasting single-application flea and tick protection available.

Owls Trust’s owls as a gift for someone special this year, you’ll have done something extraordinary for wildlife and the environment. Every single penny of your donation will be spent on the crucial work the charity does and the owls it cares for. And — when travel is back on the agenda again — you can head to Te Owls Trust for a great day out. Go on, do something really special year with the

this Adoption Pack. fabulous Owl

The Owl Adoption Pack can be posted to you

directly or to your very special person. Just go to ADOPT at

Te Owls Trust, Bodafon Farm Park, Llandudno LL30 3BB T: 01492 870719 M: 07776 416922 E:

Valuable extras for raw-fed dogs O

Give SmartBarf™ for a happy, healthy dog

wen and Jules Passey’s journey to creating SmartBarf began when they started raw feeding

their first dog, DJ. She’d shown little interest in the dry food her breeder used, and despite trying many other brands, she remained under-weight, and people often asked if she’d recently been rescued. With their scientific backgrounds

though, Owen and Jules weren’t content to just leave DJ to suffer; they began to research possible causes. It wasn’t long before Owen and Jules started to explore raw feeding. Te change in DJ was nothing short of miraculous. She immediately started to enjoy her food and reached a healthy weight. Seeing the huge difference that

a diet of raw meat and bones was making, Owen and Jules were convinced that good nutrition was the key to a happy, healthy dog. Tey then followed this up with research

into the vitamins and minerals needed to optimise a dog’s diet. Tey were soon adding chopped raw vegetables, fruit and other ingredi- ents to the meat and bone, which DJ loved, and she became a picture of good health. When Lily, a rescue dog, joined the

family she had terrible body odour, but with a diet of raw food, this quickly disappeared.

It was when

Lily also joined the family, that Owen and Jules started to struggle with buying, storing, chopping, weighing and serving all the different foods needed to provide all the vitamins and minerals. Further research followed and

they finally achieved their ‘eureka’ moment by working with dehydrated ingredients. All

there with a long shelf life and at an affordable

the nutrients were price — SmartBarf

was born! Today, thousands of dogs and their

“Seeing the huge difference that a diet of raw meat and bones was making, Owen and Jules were convinced that good nutrition was the key to a happy, healthy dog.”

owners benefit from the nutritional boost and the convenience that SmartBarf provides. Why not try it for yourselves? You can order from the company’s website by visiting smart-, or you can visit one of its stockists

( It’s also available from Amazon. valuable extras for raw fed dogs T: 07900 395495

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