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Take back control of your weight for 2021

Promotional Content • Saturday 9th January 2021

Familiar with yo-yo dieting? Lose a bit, gain a bit? Start each year with the same old tried-and-tested juice or detox diet? The problem is that most diets are not sustainable in the long term, leaving you with ravenous hunger at the end of the day, which is all too easy to succumb to

programme that delivers results. Te principle is that the patient swallows a ‘pill’ device (no bigger than the tip of a finger) in the outpatient department. Tis reaches the stomach and is inflated with a pint of sterile water, resulting in the deployment of a grapefruit-sized balloon. Te position is X-ray checked and after 15 minutes, it’s all done. Te balloon occupies space, resulting in a feeling of fullness and satiety. Portion size is radically reduced with reduced hunger. Te balloon spontaneously deflates after four months, thanks to the innovative technology, and the casing passes naturally. Te key to results is the individ-


ualised and in-depth training with the dietician over five sessions, with remote monitoring via an app and body-fat composition scales. It’s not a fad diet — it’s an opportu-

nity to change behaviours and develop a healthy, structured relationship with food in the long term. Evidence shows that 95% of the weight loss is still off at 12 months (Dr Ienca, Italian study 2020). Te average weight loss from the programme is between two and three stone. Minimum BMI for consideration is 27. Te clinic at Spire Gatwick Park,

five minutes from Gatwick Airport, is headed up by consultant surgeon, Mr Simon Monkhouse. Te clinic has just been awarded the prestigious Centre of Excellence, the first in the UK, for its patient satisfaction and aftercare. “Tis weight-loss device and

programme is so convenient and is ideal for those who are overweight but don’t necessarily qualify for or want weight-loss surgery. It also has a role in those unfit for surgery, as there’s no anaesthetic, sedation or invasive cameras. “I’m very proud of the team and honoured to be the only UK clinic

Mr Simon Monkhouse, consultant surgeon

with Centre of Excellence status,” says Simon Monkhouse.

Real-life success stories Gillian Turp, a patient of Mr Simon Monkhouse, lost three stone. “I’ve been on a weight-loss drive for several years and I’d been doing two hours every day in the gym, and I wasn’t getting any further, even though I was counting my calories, cutting out carbs, doing this, that and the other diet. And it really wasn’t helping. I finished the programme on 6 November. I’ve not put any weight on again since I’ve stuck to my small portions. I’ve recom- mended it to loads of people, because it is so simple. It sounds difficult. It sounds hard to stick to the diet, but it’s really so, so simple and easy.” Michael Mackie, 65, lost five stone,

and 10 inches from his waistline. “Before I was so big that I had lots of difficulties with mobility and there were days when I wouldn’t be able to leave the house. Now, though, I feel like I have my life back again”

ntroducing the Elipse™ Weight Loss Balloon programme from Allurion, a revolutionary device and training

Elipse has made a huge impact on my life and on the people around me. Tey can see that I’m happier with myself and I’m healthier”. Gillian, three-stone weight loss

Michael’s Elipse transformation

To book a free Zoom consultation with Mr Simon Monkhouse, please call 01293778906 in office hours or email anytime. January dates available to kick-start your New Year weight loss. Price is £3,800, all inclusive.

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