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Don’t ignore it! W

e take it for granted, until things start to go wrong. ‘Going wrong’ can mean the

appearance of skin cancer, non-can- cerous ‘lumps and bumps’, inflam- matory and autoimmune conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and morphoea. Changes in the skin can also be the first sign of an internal disease, including infection with coro- navirus, causing chilblain-like ‘covid toes’ and a variety of other rashes. Some skin problems are short-lived

and can be resolved quickly. Others are more long-term chronic condi- tions that wax and wane, requiring treatment over several years. Tis can be challenging, especially if it involves visible sites such as the face and hands, impacting on self-confidence, well- being, education and employment, and causing depression in 10% of cases. Te events of 2020 have highlighted

the benefits of keeping fit and taking good care of ourselves, and this should include our skin. Regular use of a moisturiser and SPF 50 sunscreen with high UVA protection are key elements in maintaining skin health and preventing skin ageing. Skin cancer is curable if caught early, but can have devastating consequences if diagnosed late. Check your skin for moles that are new, symptomatic or changing in terms of their size, shape and colour. Don’t ignore the ‘spot’ that’s been present and crusting or bleeding on and off for months.

Check your skin for moles that are new, symptomatic or changing

Reporting such changes is crucial in picking up early, treatable skin cancers. For the inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, although often not curable, most can be treated effectively with combinations of creams, tablets and newer injection therapies. Early treatment is impor- tant to minimise tissue damage and scarring, and to reduce the psycho- logical burden of disease. Fear of infection and a reluctance

to bother busy health professionals have reduced the number of people seeking help for non-coronavirus-re- lated issues in 2020. While we must be mindful of the risks and difficulties associated with dermatological care in a pandemic, it’s important not to ignore skin changes and to seek help from your GP or dermatologist sooner rather than later.

Dr Catherine Orteu is a consultant dermatologist with 20 years’ experience, working in the NHS and privately. To book a private appointment, call 07766386490 or email

London Spine and Pain Specialist T

Is pain dictating your life? Are you needing to give up your enjoyment and fun due to pain? Have you gone pillar to post but still not had success in conquering your pain? No one should suffer from pain and its consequences

he London Spine and Pain Specialist is here to help you to regain the kind of life

you’re craving. As a multidisciplinary pain

specialist, the company is based at several convenient locations in central London, east London and Kent. It also offers remote video


from the comfort of your home. As a team of specialists no one else

understands your condition better than Te London Spine and Pain Specialist and it’ll go the extra mile to help you. Its consistent five-star ratings (TOPDOCTORS and Doctify) by its patients is a testimony of the care and the service offered. Te London Spine and Pain

Specialist focuses on all types of pain and pain in all parts of your body: • Back, neck and musculoskeletal pain • Abdominal and pelvic pain • Nerve pain of any cause • Headache and facial pain • Widespread pain or fibromyalgia • Post-operative,

post-injury, trauma or whiplash pain

• Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

Its holistic, multi-disciplinary and a ‘whole patient’ approach involves a detailed assessment and an individ- ually tailored treatment plan specif- ically designed to address all aspects of your pain management. Te focus is always on minimising the impact of


pain on your life. Te London Spine and Pain Specialist

uses a range of techniques including simple and practical self-management solutions, pills, variety of injection and interventions techniques (X-ray guided or ultrasound guided), radiofrequency treatment, including minimally inva- sive surgery (laser disc procedures, endoscopic spine surgeries), electrical and neuromodulation therapy (spinal cord stimulation)

and regenerative

techniques (platelet rich plasma). It’s partnered with some of the leading industries to offer the most cutting- edge technology to help you manage your pain. Te London Spine and Pain

Specialist is also a specialist in second opinion and medicolegal aspects of pain. So if you’re heading nowhere, get in touch. Te company partners with all leading insurers and also accepts self-pay and international patients.


Dr Shankar Ramaswamy, the medical director for The London Spine and Pain Specialist, is a five-star rated consultant in pain management, neuromodulation and anaesthesia. He is a rare mix of high academic stature and exceptional practical skills. He specialises in managing a variety of pain conditions and is famous for his compassionate and caring approach. He uses a range of evidence-based techniques, which includes sound practical solutions, image guided (X-rays and ultrasound guided) interventions involving cutting- edge technology such as radiofrequency, electrical, neuromodulation and laser therapy to manage your pain. He’s a huge advocate of a multimodal approach, which he uses with great skill in order to achieve the desired outcome.

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The skin is our interface with the outside world. It reflects who we are, and sometimes, how well we are.

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