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Give your home an instant ‘wow’ with a biOrb aquarium

Pets New Year, New You 25

Denzel’s provides a solution to plastic pouches


icture an aquarium and what do you see? Probably a large, glass rectangle. Let’s face it.

Aquariums are bulky and unsightly. Sure, a skilled interior designer can make them blend in and look amazing, but this takes real know-how. If, like most people, you’re new to

fi sh keeping, your tank will probably stick out and your room’s ambience will be overpowered. But it doesn’t have to be like this. T anks to biOrb, millions now enjoy the thrill of having their very own underwater oasis. By giving its aquariums a chic

and minimalist design, biOrb makes it eff ortless for you to elevate any space. Far from posing a decor chal- lenge, these breathtaking underwater worlds add a sense of joy and wonder to your home. So, if you’re buying a new aquarium,

you’re better off investing a little more now and having something unique that lifts your spirits day after day.

T: 01256 896886 E:

Sainsbury’s this month. Providing a real-world solution to a growing global problem, Denzel’s new low-calorie bites for dogs come in plastic-free packaging. Its brand-new pouches will break down within 30 weeks, even in landfi ll, rather than nearly 300 years for single-use plastic. Denzel’s doesn’t believe that treating your pet should hurt the planet. Joining forces with a local UK


bakery, Denzel’s healthy snacks for dogs are made from 100% natural ingredients. Gently hand-baked in carbon neutral wood-chip ovens, all

its snacks are grain-free,

naturally low in sugar and contain no artifi cial additives, colourings or preservatives. T e company even upcycles where possible, using fresh ‘wonky’ fruit that would have other- wise have gone to waste.

Each pouch contains

approximately 110

low-calorie tasty rewards for your pup. Perfect for training or on the go. RRP £2.90

T: 020 80049 111

enzel’s, healthy snacks for dogs, is launching its plastic-free, biodegradable pouches in

A decent bed is a fundamental element of keeping your dogs fi t and healthy...

The dog walker’s second- best friend

T S T E ...because a good night’s sleep is not a luxury!

With our Signature bed for youngsters and our Active Recovery® orthopaedic bed for mature dogs, you only need two beds throughout your dog’s life.

We also have specialist beds for arthritic and incontinent dogs and offer a bespoke service to enable you to customise your dog’s bed to suit the space available in your home, car, kennel or crate.

he Harris Dryboot is the only 100%-guaranteed waterproof, multi-purpose,

lace-up boot

available in the UK. It’s the fi rst choice for walking, gardening, fi eld work and outdoor sports, as well as for those who need a comfortable, reliable, waterproof boot but prefer not to wear a knee-length welly.

There’s a number of benefi ts to wearing The Harris Dryboot: • Top-quality natural rubber construc- tion is impervious to damage from bramble or rough undergrowth

• Steel shank built into the non-slip sole

adds strength and protec-

tion for rough terrain walking or heavy digging

• Generous sizing and deep gusset for easy access and removal

• Lined throughout with jersey cotton fabric, which helps to prevent the foot sweating — a common problem with wellies

• T ick padding around the ankle area makes it extremely comfortable and prevents chafi ng or ankle rub

• Fully washable and quick-drying • All for just £69.99 plus post and packaging.

Now available are gaiters, socks, insoles, removers, conditioning spray, boot bags and laces.

Get yours now at or call 07974 977112

All for just £69.99

plus post and packaging.


















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