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Why this is the year to study for a master’s degree online

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s been the adaptability of learning. Universities have seen online teaching as an equally effective learning environment, opening the possibility to pursue a master’s degree to an increased number of people


hat took the world by surprise in 2020, created the basis for an improve-

ment in the efficacy of online learning, pushing more flexible modes of study in 2021. Te doubts many of us had were quickly resolved with new teaching solutions. Flexibility around personal commitments and sched- ules, interactive assignments and engaging techniques are but a part of what online courses can now add to your learning experience.

Flexibility as a key asset If you’ve considered online learning before, but remained unsure, it might be the time to look at its added bene- fits. Flexibility is by far the main asset of taking online classes. It allows you to work around your own schedule, encouraging you to improve your self-management skills. Without the worry of external factors — such as commuting times or personal engage- ments — online study gives you the possibility of learning at a time that suits you, while still meeting all the necessary deadlines. What students value the most is the new opportunity to pursue a master’s

degree around their working hours, as such flexibility opens up further education to a larger number of people. If you’ve considered taking a course but weren’t able to due to lack of time or resources, this is the time to apply. Without the need to put your career on pause, online learning is accessible to anyone, from anywhere. Indeed, the flexibility of online

courses means students from around the globe can enrol in a top-ranking Russell Group university, such as the University of Birmingham, without the stress and inconvenience of leaving their home country. Since much of the material is available online, you can set your own pace, time and schedule to progress through the curriculum, wherever you are in the world.

Space for dynamic learning As much as online

courses have

opened the door to new learners, they have also unlocked new possi- bilities for more dynamic methods of learning. From live seminar tutorials, to quick and direct ways of communi- cating, through online learning you will have the chance to explore topics, ideas and concepts you wouldn’t

If you’ve considered taking a course but weren’t able to due to lack of time or resources, this is the time to apply. Online learning is accessible to anyone

otherwise have time to work through in class. While on campus, students are often

moving from class to class; online, they have a constant, communal space where they can interact without the same time pressures. With online discussions, you’ll have the opportu- nity to engage with fellow students as much as interacting with teachers.

New instructional depth It’s

often the regular opportuni-

ties for guidance and mentorship through discussion forums and weekly activities that students value most about online learning. Indeed, the University of Birmingham offers interactive case studies assignments, simulation and live video lectures as part of a typical online learning expe- rience, challenging the traditional way of studying. Te academic support and benefits

given through on-campus learning are only enhanced by the new oppor- tunities of online courses. As there’s no significant difference in learning outcomes between on-campus instruction and distance education, the benefits of online education are

an added bonus to what you’d already receive through face-to-face learning.

Access to networking opportunities Accessibility is another key reason why students choose online courses, and this includes both cost and time savings. For many, financial strug- gles prevent them from pursuing further education. An online master’s degree, however, is a more affordable way to do so. Removing things like commuting and rent expenses can be a decisive factor when you consider the otherwise high costs. Probably rather unexpectedly,

this same is also true for teachers and lecturers. With the possibility of leading seminars from literally anywhere in the world, acclaimed researchers and professors are now able to commit more of their time and offer unique networking opportuni- ties to online students. At the University of Birmingham,

you’ll be able to learn from top academic names without leaving your home, in addition to studying along- side students from over 50% of the world’s countries. If

you’re degree online,

considering a master’s the University


Birmingham is



provider of distance learning, offering a range of 100% online programmes. March 2021 is the start date of the MBA, MSc International Management, LLM in Energy and Environmental Law, and Master in Public Administration. Te university is also expanding with new programmes in June 2021, intro- ducing PgCert Design for Learning Environments, MBA Clinical Leadership, and MSc Bioinformatics. For students whose time is even

more of a constraint, the University of Birmingham offers online eight-week short courses to gain a certificate worth 10 master’s credits.

Make 2021 a turning point in your career. To find out more about 100% online postgraduate degrees at the University of Birmingham, please visit or call T: +44 (0)800 032 7101 for more information. Applications for the March 2021 intake are still open.

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