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What Does a hair transplant procedure entail?


s the name suggests, a hair transplant (also known as hair restoration) is the transplan-

tation of the hair follicle (pilar unit) from a region of the patient’s scalp where hair follicles are more abundant and more resistant to hormonal loss (usually the back of the scalp) to the area where hair has been lost. Using hair tissue preservation solutions and highly skilled transplant techniques, hair can be transplanted with minimal scarring to achieve the best possible density and a restored natural look. No two hair grafts are the same

and may vary from patient to patient, from one to four individual hairs (per graft). Te insertion process involves placing each graft individually into previously made incisions in the scalp. Tis procedure is carried out with incredible dexterity and patience by an experienced team of hair resto- ration surgeons and technicians.

Who will perform your hair transformation? During the consultation, Dr Diaz, consultant dermatologist and hair

restoration surgeon, calculates the number of grafts required depending on the severity of hair loss and the facial characteristics of the indi- vidual. Tis is to achieve the most natural look possible and to ensure you acquire the most from your hair transplant experience at our hair transplant clinic in central Birmingham, West Midlands.

What results can you expect following treatment? You may be wondering what the result will be

after hair Christian Rennie, actor, restored his

natural hairline which is important for his work.


plant surgery. In order to ensure a balanced, natural result is achieved, Dr Diaz uses a specifically designed instrument to make tiny micro incisions in the scalp in a precise and calculated manner. Tis deter- mines the position, orientation and angulation of the hair follicles. Tis highly skilled technique and atten- tion to detail achieves an incredibly natural-looking result for patients. Dr Diaz takes particular care to ensure that the donor site for the hair transplant isn’t over harvested. Tis achieves a balanced, natural result as the hair transplant grows back in both the recipient site (transplanted area) and the donor site.

Samantha Golding-Gardner,

hairdresser and successful business owner at SG Hair Salon, desired a result to restore a receding hairline. She stated, “I want to inform women of colour that there’s a solution to hair loss.”

A bit about Dr Diaz Dr Diaz is a well-known, experi- enced consultant dermatologist who trained in dermatology in the UK. His clinic is conveniently based in Birmingham, West Midlands. Dr Diaz is the only trained consultant dermatologist who specialises in hair transplant surgery in the UK and he delivers hair transplant surgery to a very high standard and has many happy customers.

Luxeria, transgender makeup artist,

wanted a procedure to create a feminine hairline to enhance her features.

Contact Dr Diaz today: Birmingham Dermatology Clinic Dr Camilo Diaz, consultant dermatologist, dermatological surgeon, hair restoration surgeon. T: 08000 443 917 E:

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