10 New Year, New You Health, fitness & beauty New Year, New You recommends Atlantia Aloe MAX Trainer

MAX Trainer Fitness equipment Innovatively designed, the award- winning MAX Trainer from Bowflex is your answer to maximum calorie burn in less time. Tere are four space-saving models — the M3, M6, M8 and MAX Total — and they all feature the 14-minute MAX Interval Workout, combining hard work with rest periods for maximum effect. Find products exclusively in-store or online at Fitness Superstore. Save 7.5% by using the code FSS0121. Offer ends 31 January 2021.

SOAR running Sports apparel Founded in London in 2015 by designer Tim Soar, SOAR Running is making strides at the forefront of running apparel. Tis is elite-level kit that does justice to the dedication, passion and performance goals of committed amateur runners. Every item in the SOAR range is constructed using advanced technical fabrics, following meticulous in-house research.

Atlantia Aloe Aloe vera-based cosmetics One of the most sought-after ingredients in the cosmetics industry, aloe vera may be native to North Africa, but it grows abundantly on the perpetually sun-kissed Canaries. Atlantia uses it for a range of products, both healing and cosmetic. Its rigid testing and evidence-based approach has led to many of these solutions being recommended in hospitals for radiation dermatitis. Buy now with a 25% discount for readers (voucher: PUREALOE), valid until 31 January 2021.

Promotional Content • Saturday 9th January 2021 CAROL

CAROL Exercise bike Designed by scientists, the high-tech CAROL fitness system uses AI to give you a personalised true HIIT workout. Tis disruptive tech is pushing the boundaries of how we think about exercise, with the goal of producing increased gains. CAROL cleverly analyses each session to deliver a personalised workout that will get you fit fast. Achieve new fitness heights in eight weeks, with three short rides a week, and only 40 seconds of hard work for each.

Backballer SOAR Running

Backballer Foam rollers Tese high-quality rollers apply targeted pressure to muscle groups and joints. BackBaller removes guesswork with a bespoke 16-step programme targeting the key muscle groups. Tese rollers are mounted off the floor in a stable base, giving the user far greater control and stability over traditional foam rollers, they’re made from high-density EVA foam and fitted with steel ball bearings. Tey come with a 60-day money- back guarantee and free next-day delivery.


Naturya Vegan spreads Naturya’s new tasty vegan spreads are a healthier replacement for your usual choice. Perfect by the spoonful or as an indulgent twist for pancakes, toast, porridge and smoothies, they’re available in two delicious superfood-infused flavours — Cacao & Hazelnut for the chocoholics along with Cashew & Hazelnut for those who prefer a more premium take on a traditional nut butter.

White Glo

White Glo Whitening toothpaste White Glo whitening toothpaste was originally developed for models and actors who require a Hollywood white smile. Utilising microparticles, this safely and effectively whitens your teeth with each use. Te powerful formulation used in conjunction with the special Anti- Stain Toothbrush — also available in the set — lightens discolouration and yellowing on tooth enamel. It also provides fluoride protection against cavities and low abrasion, making it safe for daily use.



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