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Are you anxious about allergies?

When were you last assessed by a consultant physician specialising in allergies?

sensitised to otherwise harmless substances, called allergens, and makes an antibody called IgE to combat them. Allergens can be found in common


foods (such as milk, eggs, seafood, fruits and nuts etc) or in the air (pollens, mould spores, animal skin, dust mites) or in the venom of stinging insects. If you’ve become allergic to any of these, close contact could rapidly result in acute, troublesome symptoms such as a very itchy, red, blotchy rash or more diff use swelling, an itchy mouth, vomiting, runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, coughing, wheezing or, thankfully less common, anaphylaxis. Chronic conditions in

tchy, sneezy, wheezy... Allergic diseases come about when our immune system becomes

which allergies may play a consid- erable role include asthma, rhinitis, hayfever or severe eczema. “You don’t need to suff er without says

help,” allergy consultant Dr

Bhupinder Sihra. “Some allergies may be lifelong but many change over time — they may get less severe and some- times may even go away on their own. An allergy specialist can discuss your symptoms with you and, when appro- priate, confi rm whether you’re truly allergic by doing tests (skin prick and/ or blood tests) that detect whether you do have IgE reacting against the allergens you suspect.” An allergist provides helpful advice

not just on what allergens to be wary of, but also reassurance on what might be safe and, of course, how best to manage any allergic symptoms medically. Allergy management has really

moved forward in recent years; an allergist can even help desensitise you to some allergens — such as pollens, bee/wasp venoms and, likely very soon, even nuts — and, particularly for children, may be able to advise on how to reduce the chance of devel- oping new allergies.

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suffer with allergies — it’s worth seeing a

doctor who specialises in allergies

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Dr Bhupinder Sihra BM MRCP(UK) FRCPCH DM — consultant allergist (children and adults) E:

Specialist gallstone and hernia treatment in Manchester and Cheshire

Thomas Satyadas is a liver and pancreas cancer surgeon who specialises in Advanced Laparoscopic (keyhole)surgery of liver and pancreas cancer, gallbladder and gallstones and all types of hernias. He has been a specialist Consultant Surgeon at Manchester Foundation Hospital Trusts since 2010


r Satyadas is the liver and pancreas cancer Pathway Clinical director for Greater

Manchester Cancer. His strong belief is that the pathway should suit the patients rather than the patients fi tting into a pathway. He believes in breaking down barriers and obsta- cles in getting patients prompt access to diagnostics to provide the best outcomes. At the Manchester Gallstone clinic, Mr Satyadas provides a one-stop clinic approach to patients with symptomatic gallstones disease. After having been trained in

Cambridge, Adelaide and Paris, Mr Satyadas provides specialist keyhole surgery to patients with liver and pancreas cancer, gallbladder cancer and gallstones and groin hernias and abdominal wall hernias at the Alexandra Hospital and 52 Alderley Road in Wilmslow. He has extensive expertise in complex and advanced keyhole surgery and provides skilled judgement in obtaining the best outcome for his patients. Mr Satyadas provides gallbladder and hernia surgery through the Manchester Gallstone Clinic and the Cheshire Hernia Clinic. He has a specialist interest in keyhole hernia surgery

Thomas Satyadas

especially groin (inguinal, femoral), sportsman’s groin and incisional hernia repairs. Mr Satyadas is a director of

keyhole surgery courses at the Royal College of Surgeons of England and provides expert surgical advice and assistance to doctors throughout Greater Manchester for management of patients with complex liver and pancreatic disorders and gallbladder- and bile duct-related problems. Mr Satyadas provides a bespoke approach to patient-centred care and this is refl ected by the testimonials on iWan-, which he’s received from his patients.

Secretary Rachael Cutts E: Manchester Gall Stone Clinic: Cheshire Hernia Clinic:

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