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Building wellbeing for adolescents


he Teen Yoga Foundation has been training professionals (face to face and online) to

bring yoga to young people since 2003, and achieving very positive results. In 2020, it completed the E U-funded Hippocampus project, where 750 young people and 100 staff took part in a 10-week yoga programme in fi ve countries. T e results showed impor- tant reductions in stress for both staff and students, and signifi - cant improvements in sleep quality and overall well- being. An estimated 30% of secondary schools are now using yoga as a well- being tool, up from less than 10% fi ve years ago. T e Foundation trains its teen yoga teachers to address the very specifi c needs of young people, and at a time when mental health issues have been on the rise for over 10 years, yoga is a cost-eff ective and accessible tech- nology that can greatly aid wellbeing.

Promotional Content • Saturday 9th January 2021

Skincare inspired by the elements


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oil + trouble’s ethos takes the five elements of

life: earth, fire, water, air and aether,

infusing them into its products and using them for good, to rebalance the effects of the elements on your skin. It’s a process the company likes to call ‘elemental equilibrium’. You are earth, you are water, you are fire, you are air and you are aether — so why wouldn’t your skincare rituals be too? toil + trouble’s products are clean,

conscious and cruelty-free and only ever scented by naturally occur- ring aromas. All the company’s products are made in the UK and the packaging promises to leave as little trace on the planet as possible — because when we take from the elements, we must also give back. Proving popular are its Bonfire Buffer micro-exfoliant, Strawberry Moon pink clay mask and its coveted Eternal Youth set.

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In uncertain times, enjoy a moment of calm with Vegan Bunny candles

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egan Bunny off ers a wide range of self-care candles, hand- crafted using bespoke essen-

tial oil blends. Each Vegan Bunny essential oil blend is designed with an ultimate aromatherapy goal in mind. In trying times such as these, when

everything seems to be changing, it’s important to give yourself a bit of TLC. Vegan Bunny’s self-care collection off ers an indulgent escape from the burdens of everyday life and encour- ages you to welcome joy, grounding and relaxing sentiments. T e self-care collection makes for a

perfect present. T e range features: • ‘Me time’: lavender (fl oral) and wintergreen (woody), both oils that are used for relaxation in emotional healing sessions. ‘Me time’ candle is the perfect companion in a late- night self-care routine.

• ‘Cosy time’: basil (fresh) and patchouli

(earthy) — a

grounding candle to help you re-centre and reset. • ‘Sleep time’: rosemary

lavender (fl oral) and (herbal) — a soothing

candle to help you wind down at the end of the day.

All Vegan bunny candles are made with natural and sustainably sourced supplies and delivered using plas- tic-free packaging. Gift wrapping and custom greeting cards available.

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Does your bladder leak? N

ew Year’s Resolution: Leak less this year! Pads and pants absorb urine but do not stop

bladder leaks. It’s time for a more proactive solution, so you can go about your day, dry. Leaking when you laugh, sneeze,

or exercise? Are you fed up with pads, having to change multiple times a day? You have other options. Efemia Bladder Support is recommended by many pelvic health professionals as a useful tool to reduce urine leakage and remain physically active, helping improve overall bladder health. Efemia Bladder Support is simple

to use with an innovative design. Discreet, reusable and comfortable to wear all day, or just when you expect to leak. Studies show 77% lower urine leakage vs pads.

Why is Efemia Bladder Support a popular alternative? • Soft and fl exible • 83% of women found it improved their daily lives

• Reusable and eco-friendly • Available on NHS prescription


Prescription. Speak to your GP

or pelvic physio to learn more

T: 07378 422799. All candles available from £10 at

Worry less about bladder leakage this year. Learn more and purchase at Use 20% discount code ‘EFEMIA2021’. Valid until 31 January 2021 T: 0207 078 8867 E:

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