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Mr Alan Doherty

Mr Tim Dudderidge

The Focal Therapy Clinic: improving prostate care to maintain and extend your quality of life

The prostate, that mysterious walnut-shaped gland that most men don’t even know they possess until they’re 50, can introduce itself like an uninvited guest to a carefully planned party, compromising the enjoyment of the host and his guests, and bringing uncertainty and even fear into an otherwise positive experience


ne in eight men in the UK will receive a prostate cancer diagnosis, and as of this year,

prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the UK. If you’re a black man, the burden doubles to one in four. So, it’s important for men and their loved ones to be aware of the prostate’s presence and care, and be prepared for problems it may cause. Prostate cancer diagnostics and

treatments have advanced dramat- ically in the last 10 years, and clini- cians and researchers in the UK have led these advances by improving the accuracy of diagnostics and the preci- sion of treatments. Te Focal Terapy Clinic’s team is comprised of several of the leading innovators in prostate cancer, who are committed to giving men access to the advances they’ve helped develop, including high-accu- racy imaging, precision surgery and minimally invasive procedures like high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and cryotherapy.

Te clinic’s approach to supporting

men with their prostate health is both comprehensive and personalised. First, patients are informed and

advised on prostate health priorities — i.e., what diagnostic tests should be undertaken, what these mean and what treatments are available for a range of diagnosed conditions. For example, all men are entitled to

a PSA test from their GP. Ask for one. It can tell you a lot about your pros- tate health. If further investigation is required, insist on a pre-biopsy MRI, and try to ensure this is performed to the highest standard. If you need a biopsy, make sure it’s done through the skin and not the rectal wall, and that you get targeted samples, ideally with a software fusion biopsy. When it comes to treatment,

the clinic rejects a one-size-fits-all programme; the clinic’s expertise in highly accurate diagnostics enables it to maximise the precision and person- alisation of treatment. Te aim is to

be as minimally invasive as possible, preserving your quality of life. Second, the clinic doesn’t practice

ageism. Too often there’s a discon- nect between providers and patients in their perceptions of age, resulting in age-related discrimination ranging from dismissive attitudes to denial of treatment. Most men who come to the clinic live full lives at the time of their diagnosis and don’t regard themselves as elderly. Te team takes a holistic view of

each patient, considering his overall health, lifestyle and outlook on life, regardless of his age. Tird, the clinic is dedicated to

innovation in prostate care, contin- ually advancing its knowledge and practice in the clinical, technolog- ical, behavioural and psychological aspects of managing prostate disease. If you’re a man over 50, make 2021

the year you get to know your pros- tate. You won’t regret it.

Leading innovation in prostate care — high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) HIFU is a high-precision, targeted treatment that reduces the risk of complications and impact to quality of life caused by surgery and radiation. It’s actually based on the same

principle as light focused through a magnifying glass. HIFU uses ultrasound energy, or

sound waves, to heat and destroy specifically targeted areas of tissue. Using HIFU, through

sound waves pass healthy tissue without causing any damage, and their

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Listen to OnFocus, the clinic’s podcast series exploring issues men with pros- tate cancer face that are little known, less understood and often ignored. It’s available on the clinic’s website, Spotify and Apple podcasts.

temperatures gradually rise until the focal point is reached, whereupon the targeted tissue is destroyed. HIFU — combined with high-pre-

cision imaging — gives clinicians the ability to target and treat a small amount of tissue, minimising damage to areas around the prostate. Te result is that this helps to retain crit- ically important things to a man’s lifestyle, such as normal urinary and sexual function.

Mr Raj Nigam

At the Focal Therapy Clinic, you’ll be seen by one of our world-class urological surgeons: Mr Alan Doherty, Mr Tim Dudderidge, Mr Marc Laniado and Mr Raj Nigam, all experienced prostate surgeons with a proven track record. Individually and collectively, they’ve played key roles in clinical trials advancing prostate imaging, surgery and focal therapy, run through major institutions like UCL, Imperial, Birmingham and Southampton. This work has revolutionised the way prostate health is investigated and treated, and their commitment to innovation in prostate health and contribution to research continues.

Mr Marc Laniado

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