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How upskilling can help personal development

The ongoing pandemic has led to signifi cant changes in the way businesses operate, but there’s no reason your own learning and development should be put on hold. Words: Emma Gibbins

adjust to working remotely, your responsibilities have changed or that you’ve lost your job completely. Whatever your circumstances, you’ve likely found yourself with more time on your hands. Upskilling is the process of learning


new skills through additional education and training — and is a great way in which to use this time productively. As the CEO of London- based learning centre, Media Training Ltd, no one knows this better than Jules Gilmour. Here, he shares the benefi ts of upskilling.

1) Identify your potential “When looking at how you develop yourself, don’t always jump on the next market demand. Sometimes the reason for your confi dence or career stalling is a lack of appreciation of the basics. Take a leadership or public speaking course or brush up on your grammar and writing skills. Simple additions to your skillset can make a real diff erence in how you view yourself and how you’re seen by your peer group.”


2) Embrace lifelong learning “Our client demographic ranges from the early 20s to late 50s. Some of those attending at the older end are the most inspiring and interesting you could meet. T ey tend to be people who see life as a never-ending quest for knowledge and improvement. I think they’ve also learned, through hard-won experience, that time is actually on your side and patience and persistence are skills that make you both employable and promotable.”

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or most of us, working life looks vastly diff erent from this time last year. It may be that you’ve had to

3) Improve your confi dence “Learning and growing your skills makes you feel good. New interests make you more interesting to others too. A new skill is a reason to feel proud of yourself and your achievements and will help to boost your confi dence both inside and outside of work.”

4) Increase your prospects “We recommend that learners journal their achievements or the obstacles they’ve overcome. It keeps you focused on the next challenge and is great to refl ect on when you’re having a down day or confi dence is low. You can use your journal to help plan for interviews and reviews. Taking the lead in these conversations and having great examples to share can make a real diff erence to your success.”

5) Enhance your quality of life “Feeling successful and happy is a state of mind that you can infl uence. Having a purpose and focus away from the often negative distractions of TV and social media is hugely important. We need to learn, challenge ourselves and develop the ability to recover from the failures and setbacks everyone encounters on their learning journey. It’s so important for our self-worth and mental health to learn to do this. Learning improves your life and the life of those around you in so many ways and it’s never been more accessible than it is now.” Media Training Ltd specialises in

courses covering a range of subjects including design, marketing, video and 3D, coding, writing and more. Courses run daily both online and face-to-face at its centre in London, where coronavirus-secure measures are in

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