Training for today

Multi -professional programmes this year: Experienti al learning

Multi -professional learning Our pati ents receive the very best care from dedicated teams; clinical specialists alongside non-clinical support staff working together to put our pati ents at the centre of everything they do. We know that eff ecti ve team working improves pati ent care and infl uences pati ent sati sfacti on; it is for this reason that we create opportuniti es for teams that work together to also learn together.

A case study HHFT Preceptorship Programme

At HHFT we purposely bring all of our preceptees together, right at the beginning of their careers with us and, in their fi rst year, support them through a multi -professional educati onal

programme. Each preceptee is allocated an experienced clinician (their preceptor) who guides them in practi ce during this period. The programme includes: educati onal support in the form of study days, including the use of simulati on training; signposti ng to other CPD opportuniti es such as Trust based courses facilitated by highly experienced professionals; e-learning resources and wellbeing and emoti onal resilience support through clinical supervision and pastoral care. We also prepare and support the preceptors for this important role. The multi -professional focus of the preceptorship programme brings many benefi ts to the preceptees.

Ange Briggs, a newly qualifi ed physiotherapist highlights the benefi t of learning with a range of professional

groups: “The preceptorship programme has helped me to get to know preceptees from diff erent professions and listen to their experiences at work and then relate them to my own experiences.

I have been able to inform them about my role and how I link in with them. It has also helped me to get to know the roles of other clinicians, to understand what their role consists of and how we will be working together to deliver great care to our pati ents.”

Future plans

We will promote multi -professional learning as the norm to replicate real teams and ensure the voices of our pati ents, families and carers are refl ected in our learning programmes.

Kati e Webb, workforce development lead for preceptorship 8 | Educati on Annual Report for 2017/18

500 new staff from clinical and non-clinical roles parti cipated in simulated scenarios during their inducti on to learn the HHFT team way of caring for our pati ents.

100 Preceptees – newly qualifi ed nurses, operati ng

department practi ti oners, midwives, therapists and healthcare scienti sts – completed their preceptorship programme together.

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