Developing our managers and leaders

Development of managers and leaders at Hampshire Hospitals is done through a variety of diff erent approaches thereby enabling individuals to undertake development appropriate to their needs, circumstances, experience and role. Development opportuniti es include: courses and development programmes (internal within HHFT, through the NHS Leadership Academy and via numerous other routes), management and leadership apprenti ceships, coaching, Healthcare Leadership 360 appraisal and development tools such as MBTI.

A case study In-house leadership courses

During 2017/2018 we introduced a redesigned Ready to Lead course, providing parti cipants new to leadership roles with the opportunity to learn fundamentals of leadership at HHFT including areas such as moti vati on, clear and eff ecti ve communicati on and building resilience. For those more experienced leaders, our Developing Excellence course enables them to learn about creati ng and sustaining the right environment for their teams to succeed. Feedback from these courses has been excellent including:

“Very pleased with the course and what was covered. Feel more confi dent now in the way

I can approach things and conduct myself” A ready to lead delegate

“Very valuable and enjoyable. Will be able

to apply in practi ce” A developing excellence delegate

A case study Coaching at HHFT

We have a network of internal coaches within HHFT from a range of staff groups and backgrounds, as well as access to coaches within the local NHS region. Coaching is available to all staff throughout the organisati on but can be parti cularly benefi cial to managers and leaders, especially those new to a management role or moving into a more senior role. The role of the coach is to support the individual to gain insight, further their understanding and develop acti ons to enable them to improve how eff ecti ve they are in their role.

An internal HHFT coach says: “I really enjoy being able to coach colleagues at HHFT, building the relati onship with my coachees and working with them over a number of months is very rewarding as they grow in confi dence and oft en refl ect back to me how important it was for them to have space to work through challenges and issues they were facing. As a coach my role is to help individuals to unlock the potenti al they have inside them and that is a real privilege.”

And a member of staff who has undertaken coaching says: “I am really grateful for the ti me I have with my coach. Having ti me just for me to focus on things I might be struggling with or fi nding diffi cult, or someti mes planning how I am going to approach something is so helpful, I am so busy in my role that fi nding ti me to refl ect can be a challenge. It has been really benefi cial to me having coaching.”

Future plans

We will create a leadership and management framework to enable even greater access to the varied development opportuniti es available.

Sarah Cragg, associate director for training, wellbeing and development with her team Sarah Powell and Heather McCluskey responsible for leadership/management development, OD and staff engagement.

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