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Supporti ng our students Students are our future workforce and we acti vely support them to be our healthcare professionals of tomorrow by providing quality practi ce placements. Collaborati ng with our six university partners we have supported:

Return to practi ce (RTP) nurses Natasha Mills and Rachel Beedham

Both Natasha and Rachael had taken a break in their careers to have a family and joined the October 2017 RTP group to start their journeys back into nursing. They

have recently taken up posts in the Diagnosis and Treatment Centre. Rachael says:

“I took some ti me out to have children, and once I’d done that, I was working at a supermarket on the checkout. I thought it was silly for me to have been a qualifi ed nurse and to be working at Sainsbury’s, so it made total sense for me to join the return to practi ce nursing programme because the nurse never left me. I had so much support from the educati on team whilst I was on the course; they allowed me to be fl exible as I was going through a diffi cult ti me.”

250,000 hours of high quality practi ce placements

555 nursing and midwifery students

224 students from the Allied Health Professionsas the pati ent.

Natasha noti ced some changes and challenges: “changes in nursing include advances in surgical procedures and shorter stays in hospital aft er surgery. The most challenging things about returning have been juggling the course, clinical placements, study and family life as a lone parent. I have had good support from other students, library staff at the Ark, the Trust’s course facilitator and from my practi ce placement mentor, Tracey Hare on C4. I'm proud to be able to call myself a nurse again.”

“We have supported the nati onal Return To Practi ce initi ati ve #ComeBacktoNursing. Through this scheme

we have enabled an additi onal 30 nursing and midwifery returnees to re-join the professions.”

Sharon Goodchild, Helen Frizell and Gabby Clarke, workforce development team supporti ng students and mentors.

10 | Educati on Annual Report for 2017/18

Diane Pitt ard associate director of nursing for professional educati on and development

From left to right Rachel Beedham and Natasha Mills, Return to Practi ce Nurses

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