A case study Apprenti ce Chef

When Roman was considering where he wanted to work, he was looking for an organisati on that would help him to move forward in his career. The apprenti ceship programme run by Hampshire Hospitals’ catering department appealed to him and he is now studying to become a chef.

Apprenti ceships In 2017/18 we have commissioned a diverse range of apprenti ceship programmes:

Apprenti ceship Business Administrati on Healthcare Support Worker

“The Trust’s apprenti ceship programme is giving me the chance to develop my skills, which is what I was looking for in an employer,” he said. “I am enjoying learning new skills and techniques, while going to college is great because everyone in the class gets to share their experiences from working in diff erent environments.

Operati ons/Department Management Catering & Professional Chefs Health Pharmacy Service Logisti cs

Professional Account Taxati on Technician AAT

BSc Hons Digital & Technology Soluti ons Business Analyst Team Leader/Supervisor Management

HR Consultant/Practi ti oner

Registerred Nurse (Degree) Apprenti ceship Total

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I really feel like I am gaining a qualifi cati on that will open doors for me in the future and I am looking forward to progressing even more within the Trust”

Jude Davison, Karen Bishop and Lucy Collins, workforce

development team supporti ng delivery of our apprenti ceship programme

Future plans

We will increase the number and range of clinical and non-clinical apprenti ceships on off er as we develop and deliver our own apprenti ceship training programmes to our Trust and beyond.

Educati on Annual Report for 2017/18 | 19

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