Educati on quality

Quality assurance To ensure the quality of our educati on provision we access and review informati on from multi ple internal and external sources to benchmark ourselves as well as reporti ng to our educati on regulators Health Educati on England (HEE).

Our governance processes are rigorous and involve a year-round range of acti viti es including student placement evaluati ons, educati on provider evaluati ons and placement audits. These enable us to identi fy innovati ons and areas of good practi ce across the professions as well as issues and concerns so that these can be addressed in a ti mely manner. This acti vity culminated in an in-year multi -professional visit from HEE who undertook a partnership review of our educati on quality against their educati on standards, and approved the work we are doing.

For the future we will align our internal quality assurance processes to the new HEE Quality Strategy and Framework and will conti nue to work hard to meet all standards.


Hampshire Hospitals benefi ts from signifi cant investment from HEE to support the training and development of our workforce. Funding for 2017/18 was in the region of £13 million. The funding supports a range of medical and non- medical educati on and training programmes, ongoing professional development programmes and provision of clinical placements and learning faciliti es.

Stakeholder engagement

We have worked closely with our key stakeholders to ensure our educati on and development off er meets the needs of services and the Trust at large, and we have done this through our annual training needs analysis cycle and various stakeholder forums.

Going forward we plan to seek the input of our stakeholders, including our pati ents, to further develop our strategy and communicati on plans.

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