Step into Health

Our Step into Health (STIH) programme connects us with people from the Armed Forces community, by off ering them an access route into employment and career development opportuniti es with us

The programme recognises the transferable skills and cultural values that Armed Forces personnel develop when serving and how they are compati ble with those required within NHS roles. We were awarded the Defence Employer Recogniti on scheme Gold award for this work.

A case study Ronnie Waugh

Ronnie was diagnosed with post-traumati c stress disorder and recommended for discharge from the army in November 2015. Aft er spending 27 years in service, he had eight months to work out what he wanted to do next. It was while att ending a course run by Help for Heroes that Ronnie fi rst heard about the Step into Health programme being run by our trust and he came along to one of our informati on days.

22 service leavers and 18 service spouses have gained employment at HHFT

Ronnie says:

“I was delighted to be off ered a work placement as a porter. The staff were very approachable and understood my needs and concerns about working in a hospital. Aft er att ending the informati on day, I had no doubt that this was an organisati on I wished to work with.

I found the placement very rewarding and fulfi lling. My confi dence and self-esteem grew the more I learned. All

of the staff treated me with dignity and professionalism, while support was always at hand. It showed me that this is the area in which I wish to work and I look forward to embarking on further placements in the near future.”

Ronnie is now employed permanently in our Stores department.

26 | Educati on Annual Report for 2017/18

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