Future plans

We will widen access to essenti al skills training, ensuring learning from incidents and complaints is embedded into our programmes

Essenti al training in 2017/18:

Over 7000 staff parti cipated in essenti al skills training

A case study

Introducing the Clinical Skills Team Donna Coombs and Cheneen Casson

Donna and Cheneen came into post in April 2017. The purpose of the team is to infl uence, coordinate and facilitate clinical skills training across the Trust to ensure we conti nue to provide safe care to our pati ents. They work alongside our corporate

trainers, resuscitati on offi cers and a wide-range of subject matt er experts who together provide a comprehensive programme of pati ent safety training.

Cheneen says: “The diversity of my day is the main advantage of my clinical skills role. The teams of staff we work with range from

new staff in a range of roles: healthcare support workers, nurses on preceptorship and junior medical staff ; to well-established, highly skilled and experienced staff such as our Core Medical Trainees, our Clinical Matrons, on-call physiotherapists and so many more.

My role involves responding to nati onally driven skills gaps, such as NEWS2 training or Naso-gastric tube inserti on. Someti mes we are simply asked to ‘host a day’ for a parti cular group of staff , where we are respected and empowered to use our imaginati on to host training sessions using simulati on as a delivery medium, creati ng true to life clinical based scenarios to encourage learners to enter their ‘discomfort’ zone in a safe environment. There’s really no role quite so varied.”

Educati on Annual Report for 2017/18 | 5

Over 5000 staff received training in Dementi a

New e-learning packages and assessments created

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