Introducti on

2017 has been marked by uncertainty and change for educati on and workforce development in the NHS. Bursaries for healthcare educati on were removed in 2017 and the Apprenti ceship Levy became a reality in April of the same year. The Brexit decision brought many new questi ons to those of us responsible for educati ng and developing the NHS workforce and guidance on how to move forward has been scatt ered if not scant.

But change can also mean opportunity. The educati on, training and workforce development team has also adapted and changed to meet the needs of tomorrow’s workforce challenges. Now with a strengthened purpose and clarity we are focused on ensuring our development and training att racts the best people to join the ‘HHFT Family’ and of course, encourages our existi ng staff to stay with us, doing what they do best every day; delivering outstanding pati ent care.

We have defi ned our vision and mission for educati on, training and workforce development which are clearly underpinned by our organisati onal values. Our 6 strategic intenti ons under 4 primary themes will ensure we support the trust to have the right people, in the right place, at the right ti me, every ti me; and that our staff are empowered to make the right decisions, at the right ti me, every ti me, ti me aft er ti me.

HHFT's Vision is to provide outstanding care for every pati ent and in this review you will fi nd many examples and case studies that illustrate how our educati on and development strategy enables and supports our staff , teams and managers to do this – today, tomorrow and into the future. You will also meet some of our amazing educati on, training and workforce development team.

Diane Pitt ard associate director of nursing for professional educati on and development

Educati on and workforce development strategy

Opportuniti es for all

pati ent safety VISION

A workforce with the right blend of knowledge, skills and abiliti es to provide outstanding pati ent care.

MISSION To train, educate, develop and

support our people, enabling them to reach their full potenti al.

VALUES Caring and Compassionate Accountable Respectf ul Encouraging excellence

Developing for the future

Embracing the digital age

A learning culture

for tomorrow Educati on Annual Report for 2017/18 | 3 Educati ng

Strategic intenti ons

Experienti al learning

Enhancing careers


Talent & leadership

Quality &

Training for today

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