Advanced Practi oners

Our advanced practi ti oners (APs) are qualifi ed healthcare professionals who have undertaken an additi onal 2 years of study at Masters Level alongside a clinical competency development programme and have been assessed as competent in practi ce, using expert knowledge and skills. They have the freedom and authority to act, making autonomous decisions in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of pati ents. They work as part of the multi -professional team enhancing team ability to improve clinical conti nuity and to help to provide safe, accessible and high quality care.

In 2017/18 we have

A case study Sam Humby, Advanced Nurse

Practi ti oner Acute Medical Unit, RHCH and Angela Roberts, Advanced Criti cal

Care Practi ti oner, Criti cal Care Unit Sam and Angela are the fi rst of our trainees to qualify as advanced practi ti oners this year. Sam, an Advanced Nurse Practi ti oner, works within the AMU at our Winchester

site with a focus on managing ambulatory care. Describing her role Sam says:

“The ANP role has given me the opportunity to

5 Advanced Practi ti oner Trainees currently on programme

7 qualifi ed Advanced Practi ti oners. All Advanced Practi ti oners are working across acute medicine, criti cal care, neonates and paediatrics

Future plans

We will publish visible development pathways for all staff .

develop clinically while sti ll maintaining the basic caring principals of nursing. I feel a great sense of achievement in being able to bridge the gap between nurses, doctors and pati ents and knowing that this has increased not only pati ent sati sfacti on but also the teamwork and spirit of the multi disciplinary team. Every day I feel pride in what I have learnt and am able to pass down to my

colleagues to help them improve the care and clinical decisions they are providing”

Angela, an Advanced Criti cal Care Practi ti oner (ACCP) followed a programme set by the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM) and gained associate membership of FICM upon qualifying, described by Angela as ‘a very proud moment for myself and my career’. Refl ecti ng on her experience so far, Angela says:

“it has been a rollercoaster of two years with highs and lows along the way, lots of studying and every minute consumed with wanti ng to be the best I could be. Although qualifi ed I am now consolidati ng all my learning and enjoying teaching others around me including our current ACCP trainee. I am extremely passionate about teaching and sharing my learning with the multi disciplinary team throughout the trust and ensuring the care I deliver is of

the highest standard possible.” Sara Reed, workforce development lead for advanced practi ce.

Educati on Annual Report for 2017/18 | 21

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