Developing for the future

A case study Enhancing careers

The Nursing Associate and Associate Practi ti oner

Our support workforce delivers 60% of pati ent facing care and we ensure they have development opportuniti es to enable them to give outstanding care to our pati ents.

We are piloti ng the development of the Nursing Associate role. This is a new role that will sit alongside our existi ng healthcare support workers and fully-qualifi ed registered nurses to deliver hands-on care for pati ents. Once fully introduced this genre of staff will help us transform our nursing and care workforce and assist us to conti nue to att ract and retain the best staff .

Trainee Nursing Associate Phurwa came from Nepal to England in 2002 with her

father who was in the army. At that ti me she was working in a nursing home and wanted to progress her career but training was not available there. Her friend suggested she

try to gain work in the hospital and Phurwa subsequently joined HHFT as a HCSW on one of our surgical wards. She has

never looked back. Phurwa was determined to develop her career and conti nue

working with HHFT and so with the support of her clinical matron, she applied for and was subsequently off ered a place on our Trainee Nursing Associate course. Phurwa has just completed her fi rst year and is looking forward to completi ng her second year. Phurwa says “the course has been good, diffi cult in places and a rollercoaster of emoti ons; but I have benefi tt ed from the support from my colleagues and especially my manager matron. I didn’t think

becoming a registered nurse was a possibility for me, but the nursing associate course has given me the confi dence to make this a reality. I

would defi nitely recommend it to anyone who is considering it.” Her colleagues say “Phurwa has gained more confi dence

and now asks to be involved in nursing procedures.” Phurwa Sherpa

Currently we have 42 of our staff in training as either Associate Practi ti oners or Nursing Associates.

20 | Educati on Annual Report for 2017/18

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