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It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through 2017—but here at Sleep Retailer, we’ve been busy thinking about the future. What’


the next material trend? Which social platform will change the way consumers shop? What retailer will Amazon buy next?!


or this issue of Sleep Retailer, we’ve taken a closer look at new ways bed- ding companies are adapting to the

changing world. Within these pages, you will find a wide range of innovative prod- ucts, practical tools and proven strategies— all aimed at delivering greater success in today’s retail environment. This issue spot- lights a variety of bedding companies that are taking a more holistic approach to mak- ing and selling their products. More than simply offering high-quality mattresses or sleep accessories, these brands have cre- ated comprehensive programs that provide tangible solutions at every stage of the cus- tomer’s buying process. This theme of purposeful ingenuity


at the core of this issue’s cover story with Spring Air. Under the guidance of President Nick Bates, the company has developed a dynamic new strategy for engaging with consumers in meaningful ways. From lever- aging new digital programs to updating its product styling and fostering a new social benefit philosophy, the company truly under- stands what today’s customers are looking for from their mattress buying experience. The journey towards buying a new mat- tress looks very different than it did even a few years ago—and having a strong digital strategy is more important than ever before. For retailers looking to strengthen and ex- pand their web presence, this issue includes two informative features on sales-boosting online strategies. For our Q&A, we turned to Reverie, Restonic and Beautyrest to learn more about the different digital resources and support they offer to their retail partners. We are also excited to welcome Jeff Giagnocavo

back as a special contributor to this issue. Giagnocavo offers his keen insights on how to develop a high-performing website. But a strong digital strategy is only the first step to retail success. Companies like Protect-A-Bed and Talalay Global have de- veloped new cross-platform marketing strate- gies and creative in-store merchandising pro- grams that aim to help retailers connect with their customers in compelling ways. Of course, the product itself is still the most important part of any sales strate- gy. As the interest in wellness continues to grow, today’s consumers are looking for solutions-oriented features and innovations. Our Product Focus highlights an array of mattresses and accessories that deliver real health benefits through advanced per- formance materials and technologies—from PureCare’s technical textiles to BEDGEAR’s proprietary performance fabrics. While comfort and quality reigns su- preme, convenience has become a crucial attribute for many consumers. This sum- mer, we’re seeing a variety of creative new takes on the boxed bed trend and a grow- ing number of adjustable and multi-func- tional sleep accessories. As a whole, this issue of Sleep Retailer

explores a wide range of tools and strate- gies today’s retailers can use to connect with their customers. By delivering real solu- tions at every stage of the shopping experi- ence—from creative marketing to meaningful product features through easy delivery and set-up—the bedding industry is creating in- valuable new sales opportunities that will stand the test of time. —Christopher Schriever @SleepRetailer 46 Sleep Retailer / Summer 2017

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