Modway Brings Its Success To Retail Stores Nationwide By Brooke S. Pisarsky

Modway is taking its successful boxed-bed program into national retail stores, seeking to gain better brand awareness and bring potential customers a tactile experience of its products.

Experiencing a mattress first-hand is a truth that traditional mattress brands have long known, and a fact that direct-to-consumer brands are beginning to appreciate. The ad- vantage of the retail store is twofold: the first is that the mattress is not purchased sight un- seen; the second is that expensive marketing campaigns fall flat in the face of product. Inside the store the product is king. “We focus on product, not slogans,” stated Yonatan Gordon, marketing manager at Mod-

way. “Our goal is to benefit the store and the customer, and pricey advertising does neither.” Modway takes that sentiment to heart. The company’s top-rated boxed mattress line, Ave- line, sells for as low as $77 wholesale, with sev- en more affordably priced selections that offer retailers and consumers a clear price advantage. Not satisfied with simply disrupting di- rect-to-consumer mattress brands, Modway has also begun selling the ultimate store draw: bamboo memory foam pillows that sell for only $7 wholesale and retail for $79. “When stores come into our showroom and hear the $7.00 price, they do a double-take,” Gordon explained. ”The price is nowhere close to what they are used to paying.” Visit

Englander Adds New Platinum Series To Tension Ease Collection

By Christopher Schriever On the heels of introducing the Tension Ease slow-recovery latex series at the Winter Las Vegas Market, Englander Sleep Products has further expanded the collection for the summer market. The updated line-up now includes the new Tension Ease Platinum collection, which leverages an exclusive, sci- ence-based technology. The Tension Ease Platinum line brings to the fore a new TensionCore technology that is made from open-cell memory foam infused with graphene, a different form of carbon. “The open-cell structure of the memory foam allows for greatly enhanced air flow and breathability, while the integrated graphene is thermal-conductive—up to 10,000 times more effective than traditional foams,” ex- plained Kevin Toman, company president and CEO. “TensionCore graphene foam dissipates body heat and ensures a cool and refreshing night’s sleep. The foam also effectively con-

tains body movements for motionless, undis- turbed sleep, and delivers a plush, consistent feel in all climates.” The collection is comprised of three mod- els—each available in pillowtop, plush or firm—at anticipated retails of $799, $999 and $1,299. Each model uses an eight-inch encased-coil core that offers edge-to-edge support and is built to adjust and contour to a sleeper’s unique shape and weight. Patent- ed posturized coils work with the open-cell graphene foam to further relieve pressure points. In addition to various layers of latex, the line features breathable cover fabrics that are quilted to layers of infused gel foam in the pillowtop and plush models. “This new Tension Ease line extension gives retailers the selling story that is res- onating most with mattress shoppers today, which is about sleep temperature,” Toman noted. “The TensionCore technology in these beds provides excellent thermo-regulation

and promises a stress-free and relaxing night’s sleep.” The collection will be marketed under its own logo and product statement, “Sleep, Dream, Rest and Live.” Englander has created new branded headboards, top-of-bed acces- sories, posters and other in-store materials to promote the new series. Visit 35

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