The Specialty Sleep Association Showcases Innovative Sleep Accessories By Christopher Schriever

Celebrating 12 years of continuous presence at the Las Vegas Market, the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) will once again host 30 manufacturers in its sold-out showroom at the summer market. With 25 returning exhib- itors and five brand new exhibitors, the SSA showroom will feature an array of innovative sleep products. “We continue to serve as an advocate, a mar- keting platform for new companies,” said SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones, “and support for expanding entrepreneurial companies.” As part of this mission, the SSA Showroom

will feature a variety of unique support sys- tems, mattress protectors and pillows. iAdjust Sleep Products is debuting three new intro- ductions, including two adjustable base op- tions. The1Bed delivers customizable comfort with an adjustable wireless base built into the mattress, engineered to work perfectly on any flat surface. The company’s i-Rise Adjustable base features a nine-inch vertical lift, making it much easier for anyone to get in and out of their bed at home. The Supernal Sleep Sys- tem, a division of US-based Transfer Master

Products, Inc., will also be on display in the SSA Showroom. Presented as “the first holis- tic bedding solution for today’s baby boomers,” this adjustable base uses proprietary technol- ogy to offer state-of-the-art features, including a simple ergonomic, illuminated wireless hand control; wall hugging action; a European style “head tilt” to cradle the pillow; and the option to vertically elevate the bed up to 10 inches. Electropedic will spotlight Body Sense, a new double-laminated protector that features advanced cooling and waterproof technology. REMarkable Pillow is heading to the sum- mer market with the introduction of its new Extraordinary 10 Buck Hotel Pillow, which fea- tures high-quality shredded CertiPur Gel foam and a beautiful designer cover. Finally, Dani- can is introducing an updated suite of pillow and mattress protectors at market, unveiling a fresh new look that communicates the product benefits in visually tangible ways. The compa- ny has streamlined its graphics and packaging to create a more contemporary styling for two of its popular protector lines—Nature Protect and SilverTECH Ag4X. Visit



Sleep & Beyond Showcases All-Natural Top-Of-Bed Products By Gretchen Kast

A third-generation family-owned manufactur- er of organic and natural bedding, Sleep & Beyond is heading to the Summer Las Ve- gas Market with a suite of new eco-friendly sleep accessories. In addition to showing its organic cotton sheet sets, the company will also debut two new products at market: the myTravel Pillow and myComforter Light. Sleep & Beyond’s new myTravel Pillow natural

delivers materials and enhanced customization in a 3-in-1 adjustable design.

Made with 100% washable pearl sized woolly puffs and wool fill, consumers can easily ad- just the firmness of the pillow. Each pillow is also covered in 100% natural cotton sateen, for added comfort.

Sleep & Beyond is also unveiling the new myComforter Light at market. This new comforter is ideal for consumers who are looking for eco-friendly bedding that will help keep their bedroom temperature cool. Filled with 100% washable wool and en- cased in 100% natural cotton sateen, the

myComfort Light quickly wicks away mois- ture without making the sleeper feel cold or clammy. Finally, Sleep & Beyond will feature its or- ganic cotton sheet sets. From seed to shelf, this organic cotton is grown and processed free of pesticides, harmful dyes and carcino- genic chemicals. It is certified organic ac- cording to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the international stringent standard for organic textiles. Visit 29

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