Special Feature

How To Transform Your Website Into A Successful Sales Tool

By Jeff Giagnocavo, Co-Owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More and Co-Publisher of Mattress Retailer Weekly


t has been said that your website is the front door to your store. I only wish that were true today. Think about what a front door does: it closes off the building, provides layers of access, a sense of privacy. There is no way that a modern website built for suc- cess on main street does any of that. If we are to equate a website to anything, it would be that of a nanny cam perched in every cor- ner of your store.

Given the ability of today’s customer to

check you out via Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews, and social media before even visit- ing your website, the harsh reality is that your website is the first of many points of affirma- tion in the sales process. While there once was a point in time where you could find success by advertising on just one media, today suc- cessful mattress retailers must focus on ev- erything from print and TV to paid search and Facebook Ads to 5-Star reviews, blogs and much more. What can you do to ensure your website is a high performing part of your marketing suc- cess? Your website serves as the conduit to your store’s telephone, front door and email inbox; it should connect to all media where you are investing in advertising. Here are three aspects of high per- forming and sales-converting websites.

1. Less is more. Did you know the top five online direct-to-con- sumer sites have less than twenty-five web- pages in total on their respective websites? One way these online companies are suc- ceeding is because they have the luxury of

controlling their own narrative 100% of the time. Contrast this to how main street retail- ers display and discuss their mattress op- tions. We visit the manufacturer at an event and pick the mattresses that fit our store best—this is the first layer of the brand story that is peeled away. Next, these mattresses are merchandised into the mix on the sales floor and constantly compared to something else. The third, and most hazardous, layer peeled away is through how you discuss and present these items. How does it match up to the story being told about the brand on your website? Further, how does your story compare to the brand’s story? Be sure the brand story told on your site is the same one told on your sales floor. If it’s not, your customer is getting confusing and contradicting information.

2. Your homepage.

Here we can use the front door analogy prop- erly. Think of an inviting front door that is warm and welcoming to a luxury custom home. The same feeling should jump off the homepage of your website. What do you want consumers to understand about your store? A key element of your homepage is that you must communi- cate your unique selling positon—why you out of all the others? I can confidently tell you the elements of being unique are NOT best price and selection combined with years of experi- ence and stellar service. Why? Because each can be outdone with a better adjective to com- municate price, selection, tenure and service. From there, you should provide a clear path to what you want your customers to do once arriving at your website (sign up for your news- letter, for example) and then how you can help them purchase the right mattress set.




3. Your “About Us” page. Our “Meet Team” page is a top five page in ‘page views’—but it is number one in ‘time on site’. Why? Because it’s not about us; it’s about how we help our customers select the right sleep system to best fit their sleep needs. Our ‘time on site’ numbers skyrocket- ed once we added personal bios and pictures to the page. Your “About Us” page should be properly focused on WIIFM: What’s In It For Me? It should answer everything that is important for the customer: why they should buy from you, not why you are better than your com- petitors. Because truthfully they think we are all the same until proven otherwise. Once you grasp and understand that your website must be the conduit that connects every marketing effort, advertising moment and ultimately finishes at the sale—you will see more customers in your store with greater clarity on why you are the Number One choice in your market to invest in a new mattress. Visit and 45

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