Mattress Therapedic Rolls Out Updated Tommy Bahama Line

By Brooke S. Pisarsky At the Summer Las Vegas Market, Thera- pedic will be taking its popular Tommy Ba- hama line to an exciting new level, rolling out an updated collection of sleep systems. The company will also debut its own specialty line, Buoyancy by Therapedic. Retailers visiting the Therapedic showroom will immediately see how the company has incorporated the stylish history of the Tommy Bahama brand and infused it with a host of new looks, enhancements and features. “We have an exotic, new look for the Tom- my beds and we’ve added features, which will

allow retailers to talk about adding value with consumers,” said Gerry Borreggine, Thera- pedic President/CEO. All the new models in Therapedic’s Tommy Bahama line feature New Zealand wool for better moisture control and cooling, anti-mi- crobial benefits. Some of the hybrid models also offer the exclusive, patent-pending iFlex Hybrid Quilt, which boasts over 2,000 micro coils integrated into the quilt. The Tommy Ba- hama models will start at $799 in queen size and go to $1,499 “This unique design provides unparalleled support, durability, and breathability making

the iFlex the most exciting new innovation in the bedding market,” said Susan Mathes, Therapedic VP of brand relations. Intended as a limited distribution product,

Therapedic’s new Buoyancy mattress line fea- tures three ultra-premium specialty foam con- structions—with high density and unique foam designs being the hallmark of this collection. “This is a product line that will look, feel and project an aura of high-end bedding,” announced Borreggine. “It will be made avail- able to a very select group of retailers, or per- haps, even just one retailer.” Visit

Marshall Mattress Launches Showroom At Summer Las Vegas Market By Brooke S. Pisarsky

Marshall Mattress, inventor of the pocket coil spring mattress system, is set to launch a new showroom at the Summer Las Ve- gas Market, featuring both its Portfolio and Luxury Collections. The compact, three-model Luxury Col- lection incorporates eucalyptus, wool fiber, cotton and latex along with Marshall Mat- tress’ patented, cotton-wrapped pocket coil system. Together, these quality components create luxurious comfort and a tempera- ture-ambience that is ideal for restful sleep. The five-model traditional Portfolio Col- lection focuses on the high quality, uphol- stered pocket coil mattresses upon which Marshall Mattress has built its business. Four of five models offer two-sided sleep surfaces and range from extra-firm to lux- ury-plush in comfort style. This collection features New Zealand wool, soy foams and Aer-Fōm incorporated into models for addi- tional comfort.

All Marshall Mattress products are hand-

crafted without the use of foam encasement or gels, using the best of natural and new manmade materials.

34 Sleep Retailer / Summer 2017

“With increased demand from both retail- ers and consumers for luxury sleep products made from natural materials, by focusing on quality and craftsmanship, Marshall Mattress is able to place its entire history and tradi- tion behind its product,” said Bradley Warner, president and managing partner of Marshall

Mattress. “At its best, mattress making is an art, which results in products built to meet a wide range of needs and wants. Marshall Mattress remains focused on designing and creating affordable, luxury mattresses that exceed customer expectations.” Visit

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