Kingsdown Delivers High Quality At Affordable Prices With New Prime Collection

By Brooke S. Pisarsky Known for its high-end, sumptuous mattress lines, Kingsdown will unveil its new Prime Collection at the Summer Las Vegas Market, delivering an abundance of innovation for less than $1,000. Leveraging the expertise of its design and manufacturing teams, Kings- down developed this premium mattress line to provide retailers with a quality product at aggressive price points. The Prime Collection features cooling gel, individually wrapped coils with a reinforced lumbar zone and a memory foam alternative. Priced to retail at $599, $799 and $999 in queen, each Prime Collection model is available in firm, plush and pillow top. The mattresses are crafted with a combination of high coil count—1,008-coil density for queen—tri-zoned wrapped coils and a latex lumbar support zone to provide added resil- iency and support for the lower back. The line also features cooling gel and Serene Com- fort Foam, a non-temperature responsive

foam that provides support, reduces pres- sure and dissipates body heat. Additionally, the collection’s solid wood foundations are precision-milled with Amish craftsmanship to ensure supreme durability. Kingsdown manu- factures all of its extensive product line in its U.S. factories. “The new Prime Collection is filled with premium details at an extremely sharp price

point,” said Frank Hood, CEO of Kingsdown. “The new foam packs all the attributes of a high-density foam into a more cost-effective product, allowing us to hit exceptional pricing. These price points bridge the price gap be- tween our value and luxury collections, offer- ing our retail partners exceptional quality at an exceptional value.” Visit

Eclipse International Highlights New Quality Procedures With Latest Collection

By Gretchen Kast Eclipse International is introducing three new models to its popular Conformatic Collection, marking the first product roll-out to be man- ufactured under the company’s new quality control strategy. In a move designed to as- sure product consistency nationwide, Eclipse recently added a quality control executive to its team and introduced new standard of op- erating procedures (SOP) guidelines for its 17 U.S licensees.

“Our network of dedicated U.S. licensees will all be manufacturing our well-designed collections following the exact same speci- fications,” explained Stuart Carlitz, president and CEO of Eclipse International. “The retail- er in Boston can be confident in knowing that the same mattress model in a store in Phoe-

nix is manufactured to the same specifica- tions. Today’s consumers are very mobile and move place to place. If you love a mattress, you should be able to find the same comfort throughout the country.” One of the challenges mattress manufac-

turers with a licensing structure often face is how to maintain consistent quality throughout the marketplace. Eclipse’s quality assurance portfolio and SOP will ensure that consis- tency. While the new Conformatic Collection models are the first to follow the company’s new SOP, the strategy will be rolled out to future product introductions. Industry veteran Russ Bowman recently joined Eclipse’s par- ent company, Bedding Industries of America, to oversee quality assurance across the en- tire organization.

Ranging in retail price from $799 to $999, the new Conformatic styles include Serene Firm, Serene Plush and Bliss. Each pocketed coil mattress features cooling gel foams and Eclipse’s patented Spinal Zone Support Sys- tem, with the top two models touting pillow top constructions for added comfort. Like all of the Conformatic Collection, these new models are endorsed by the Congress of Chi- ropractic State Associations. “We continue to invest in our overall licens- ing framework to build a strong network of successful partners and ensure a consistent brand story,” Carlitz concluded. “This new na- tional program will drive significant business to our licensees, a capstone of our successful business model.” Visit 43

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