Classic Brands Targets Younger Consumers With New X-Bed Collection

By Brooke S. Pisarsky Taking a cue from athletic apparel trends, Classic Brands is unveiling a four-model mat- tress collection featuring a colorful, wicking fabric that delivers a cooler, drier sleep. The new X-Bed Collection will be showcased at the Summer Las Vegas Market alongside a wide-sweeping introduction of new, creative fabric technologies. The X-Bed Collection features 12-inch pro- file mattresses available in hybrid, visco-foam, gel-visco or latex over polyurethane foam. The sporty, textural ticking is incorporated to be visually stimulating on the retail floor, as well as functional in its moisture wicking ca- pabilities. Each mattress is available in four color combinations—purple and yellow; red and gray; sky blue and gray; and yellow and gray—that are based on today’s athletic foot-

wear and apparel trends. The beds are priced to retail from $599 to $899 in queen, and can easily fit into an e-commerce program. “The X-Bed Collection is a really upscale, hip-looking group of mattresses,” said Mi- chael Zippelli, president and CEO of Classic Brands. “This collection will really resonate with the millennial consumer who is in the market for something unique and delivers on the promise of a solid night’s sleep. Each of these beds will definitely stop consumers in their tracks and make them take a look.” Classic Brands is also helping to drive more vibrant point-of-sale conversations with a suite of new fabric technologies. Leading these in- troductions is the heat-absorbing Cool Gel Thermic fabric, which is not only cool to the touch but also darkens upon contact. “The fab- ric technology is unbelievable and very visual,

giving RSAs a story to show and tell consum- ers the benefits of a cooler night’s sleep,” Zip- pelli explained. “Today’s consumers are more astute in their research and shopping, and Cool Gel Thermic gives retailers one more tool in their tool chest to capture a sale.” In addition to the Cool Gel Thermic, Classic Brands will feature a selection of mattress and pillow fabrics that incorporate copper— shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, and silver—a metal that offers anti-microbial and wound-healing benefits. “Today’s retail environment is tough, and our retail partners need creative product that stands out,” Zippelli continued. “By in- corporating these innovative fabrics into our well-rounded product mix, we’re giving them an advantage over their competition.” Visit

Diamond Mattress Moves To Accelerate Growth By Expanding Boxed Offerings By Brooke S. Pisarsky

Diamond Mattress is bringing a number of new boxed bedding products to the summer Las Vegas Market in a move to continue broadening its portfolio where it has seen significant growth in recent years. The com- pany plans to launch the first hybrid model in its Rally line, a new Deluxe Storage foun- dation, plus two new adjustable bases—all boxed offerings that are UPS-able. “We’ve had tremendous success with our bed-in-box programs,” noted Diamond Pres- ident Shaun Pennington. “We don’t look at ‘bed-in-box’ products as a category or a product segment, but as a new and easier way to package and distribute a mattress or sleep-related item. In terms of sales, han-

dling, distribution and logistics, it’s a far sim- pler process.”

Diamond is adding its first hybrid model to the company’s Rally collection of bed- in-box models, initially introduced last sum- mer. Set to retail at $999 in queen, the new hybrid has an encased-coil construc- tion with edge support and features Cool Bounce Copper Gel, a proprietary open-cell foam infused with copper gel and phase change material for effective temperature regulation. All of the company’s Rally mod- els will be available in a choice of either a Cool to the Touch fabric or the original stretch knit cover.

Also on the agenda is a new Deluxe Stor- age foundation available in all sizes and set

to retail at $199 in queen. The foundation, which can ship UPS, is made of heavy-duty steel bars and offers 44 cubic feet of storage space beneath the unit. Additionally, Diamond will introduce two adjustable bases, each with a wireless remote, set to retail at $799 and $999 in queen. The upper-end model offers massage, five memory positions, under-bed lighting and adjustable legs that can be set to heights of 12, nine, six or three inches. Both bases can be boxed and shipped via UPS. “Our objective,” Pennington explained, “is to give our retailers multiple options in how they want to sell sleep products and to ensure a seamless shopping experience for consum- ers, whether online or in-store.” Visit 39

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