PE (continued)

SPORTS AWARDS EVENING 2016/17 This year has once again proven to be an outstanding year for sport at Matravers with a number of individuals and teams gaining success, locally, at county and national level. This year’s sports awards evening saw students and teachers come together to celebrate the highlights of the year. A number of awards were presented on the evening culminating in the main award of Sports Personality of the year. This year’s nominees for Sports Personality were once again nominated by students and staff at the school. The nominees were: Nick Brisdon (Year 8), Henry Brooker (Year 9), Bethany Reed (Year 9), Callum Withers (Year 10), Katie Evans (Year 11), Hayden Bailey (Year 11), Cameron Sinden (Year 12) and Keola White (Year 12). Each nominee has been nominated for their outstanding performances at county or national level in their perspective sports.

games in January and Jake has been recognised for his dedication coaching primary students in football and is awarded coach of the year.

Once again the PE Department recognised the efforts to a student in Year 7 and two in Year 10. The Andy Ellett award went to Lauren O’Connor in Year 7 following her efforts in a number of teams this year, from football to athletics Lauren always gives 100%, demonstrating resilience even when she is injured. The Trish Richie award recognises the commitment of two Year 10 students that go above and beyond for the PE department. Normally this is presented to one boy and one girl, however this year Tiffany Crockford-Ward and Ella Pearce could not be separated. Both are energetic and enthusiastic about representing the school in any sport possible and it has been a pleasure to see the two of them develop since Year 7.

Two new awards were introduced this year; KS3 Core Value Award and the KS4 Core Value Award. These awards were created to recognise students that demonstrate the school core values when they participate in school sport. The core values of ambition; creativity; dynamic; happy; success and resilient are important qualities for any sportsperson. The KS3 award was won by Jack Gilroy in Year 7 and Samantha Kirk in Year 8 along with Chloe Kinder and Ben Prudhoe both in Year 10 winning the KS4 award.

Other performances were also recognised on the evening with the Year 8 boys football team winning, team of the year for their dedication to extra-curricular fixtures and being unbeaten until their very last game. Rachel Godden was awarded the stand out performance award for her efforts at the West Wilts girls football tournament were she scored 8 goals on the teams run to winning the tournament. Mackenzie Marshman in Year 8 was awarded the most improved sports person as he has competed for the school in many sports this year, gaining confidence in his own ability. Captain of the year was awarded to Casper Morris in Year 7. Casper demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities this season on and off the field as the impressive Year 7 rugby team competed at county level for the first time.

The PE department has always been proud of the leadership qualities that our curriculum develop, non-more so than Alex Harrison, Millie Keevill, Luke Metcalf and Jake Dudley. Alex once again coached a number of the school football teams and was awarded the Westbury Lions Community Sport Award after winning Coach of the year last year. Millie demonstrated her leadership skills whilst working with students at Westbury Infants as a Sports Leader. Luke picks up official of the year following his commitment to officiating badminton at the school

The Chris Millard Academic PE Award was awarded to Olivia Hellard in Year 12 for her excellent A* at GCSE PE in 2016, were she achieved 76 marks out of a possible 80. The final award of the evening was the Matravers Sports Award. This award is voting on by staff and students throughout the week in the lead up to the evening. A total of 25 votes separated the 8 nominees. The top three were; Keola White 3rd, Cameron Sinden 2nd and Katie Evans 1st. Katie has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to school sport during her time at Matravers with football her main sport. She is a role model and ambassador for her sport with many young girls now following in her footsteps.

This year has shown us many highlights and the PE department are looking forward to next year!

Mr Reeves, Head of PE

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