Year 8 (continued) MISS SMITH 8.1

laughter and even the occasional walking into a door… twice! Some of you have fallen from chairs, some of you even call me dad (I’m not THAT old) and on the odd occasion mum too. Even with the occasional sick day, we are still looking like contenders for the best attendance overall!

Regardless of what we have and haven’t done, I am extremely proud of you all. You have all improved in some small way this year; you are taking the steps towards becoming the brilliant people I know you will be. Last, but not least it should be said, 8.2 are quite simply, better than all of you.

A great year of improvements for 8.1! The tutor group have really focused their efforts on being the best they can be this year. It has been great to see individuals really striving to improve their attendance, progress and overall attitude to learning. I am incredibly proud to see more individuals involved with the school production this year and more individuals signing up to extra-curricular activities including: Chess, Dance and a range of sports. We have nominees for Sports Personality Awards, Performance Arts Awards and invitations to Arts Presentations. Everyone has made a significant impact and has helped shape the dynamics of this positive and successful tutor group. Each member of 8.1 brings their own individuality and it is my pleasure to see them all continuing to blossom. Keep up the fantastic work 8.1!


8.3 have had a fantastic year. Every single member of the tutor group has taken the opportunity to grow and develop both as a group and as individuals throughout the last six terms. From displays of musical talent (Tom Pilkington), to representing the school in sporting events (Sammy Kirk and Courtney Noad), 8.3 have demonstrated time and time again that they can shine in whatever they put their minds to. Some students have excelled as part of the CCF (Shay Watson, Sophie Campbell, Rhiannon Greatwood, Marcus Ball…) while others have demonstrated their talent as key contributors to the school production (too many to mention!). Others have demonstrated fantastic attendance and great academic success. Every member of the tutor group has something they can be proud of and has made a significant difference to life as part of 8.3.

What a brilliant year the tutor group has had. We have had some new additions and some that have left us all together, regardless you have been quite a rollercoaster of a ride. Inside and outside of school a number of you have achieved great things. Some of you have managed to go on University trips, some of you have competed in county- wide athletics tournaments and one or two of you managed to march with the cadets on remembrance parade.

We’ve had some ups and some clear downs. Strops,

As well as being talented and successful, 8.3 are also a friendly and welcoming team. The group has cheered each other on through successes and supported each other throughout more difficult situations. Everybody has looked out for everybody else and, as a result, I could not be more proud of the tutor group. Keep it up, guys!

MRS TEALE 8.4 8.4 have had a busy and successful year. We are quickly getting a reputation for bringing the most

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