This term, our Year 12 physicists have put themselves to the test by producing educational videos to be shown to the next years A-Level physics class. We had a range of interesting, funny and informative videos on topics from ‘The flight paths of rockets’ to ‘The interactions of particles’. It was through the production of these videos that they were able to secure their knowledge of these areas of physics as well as make something interesting and engaging for the rest of the cohort to watch. Very well done to everyone that was involved in the production of these videos.


We have recently had the pleasure of hosting some Year 6 students from local schools in one of our science clubs. They were cast away on a dessert island and were set the challenge of using some fruit to find a way of contacting passing boats in order to be rescued. They had to find out what fruit gave the highest voltage so they could power a bulb, with some realising that it wasn’t only the type of fruit that you used but the metals for the wires and the distance that made a difference as well. It is these experimental skills that help set up the students not only for a successful journey at Matravers, but also develop skills that they will use in the later careers as well.

Once summer exams were over, lots of our Year 7s and 8s embarked on a mini Science project to implement their learning from across the year.

Year 7s worked on a rocket project where they learnt

about aerodynamics and completed some preliminary tests on nose shapes in order to design and fire their very own water rocket. The Year 7 designs were fantastically varied and all showed that they had learnt from their testing how they could make their rockets as aerodynamic as possible however everybody’s favourite bit of the project was going outside to fire the rockets and see whose rocket went the highest!

Year 8s embarked on a very different project where they explored some ideas behind recycling. They split

themselves into ‘Apprentice- style’ teams and shared out the responsibilities to create a variety of recycled products that they then had to present to a panel of teachers, explaining why it is so important to recycle and how their recycled

products benefit the environment. The ideas that the students came up with were highly varied from upcycled clothing made from bin bags, to recycled wedding accessories to lower the price of the very pricey event, and even a model of a chicken made out of waste KFC packaging to highlight the large volume of waste created by the fast food industry. The presentations helped all the students practice their public speaking, and whilst this was a particular challenge for some, all students learnt a lot from practicing this very important skill.

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