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the possibility pool. Conflict is good because that again enlarges the pool of possibility for me to choose from. These add some of the wisdom that we are learning. These are positive aspects of relationships, aspects of why human conflict can be used to aid creativity and to use it. We can learn it; we can learn it by just allowing it to see that if we don’t resolve the conflict with quick stop-gap solutions, but stay with it, agonise with it, then actually we do reach quantum leaps of creative answers. This experience will give us a sure answer that yes, creativity does work. Many people have a reluctance to engage with it, for too long we have thought that only geniuses can be creative. It’s just not true. We can be creative all the time and everybody is creative in their childhood as this knowledge goes through, and the knowledge also goes through that creativity, much of creativity, like this “do be do be do” way of living, like unconscious practising, we can learn how to make that an important part of our practicing. The important thing is that quantum practising and conscious practising allows us to process many possibilities at once. It is so much better than classical practising when we take solutions one at a time and check them out. It is such a better method of approach, creativity is, compared to scientific method or reasoning. That once you learn it, you will never underestimate the power of creativity.


I think that’s another thing; in the Western world we are bombarded with so much information that pressure is on to know everything and if we were to apply your four stages theory, we would absorb the information a lot better! And do something useful with it perhaps.

I watched your film The Quantum Activist, which I thought was really informative and helpful. Have you plans for another film?

A Yes, well we are working on another film based on my book I published in 2008, Creative Evolution. This is about Darwinism, which in the current times is a brave act because as you know biologists fight any opposition to Darwinism tooth and nail, but you know this is one of the ironies, if you talk to any professional biologist, and if you have a personal relationship (not official), unofficially they will admit that Darwin’s

theory is full of holes; it just does not hold up, it is certainly not complete. There is a lot of data which it cannot explain. So the ideas of intelligent design, which are agreed, the source of that is of course is Christian believers and fundamentalism, but still the point they make, we should not lose sight of the point they make; is there intelligent design in biological evolution? Sure there is. Darwin saw it, Darwin never ignored it. Biologists now are caught in politics. If scientists lose that power of guiding people in their life, then what is the value of science?


Do you see a time coming soon, with all that is being researched, that it is going to be far more acceptable to openly talk about this work?

Absolutely, we have a paradigm shift – it is overdue, but of course there is too much vested interest right now. Research money has become a huge problem, because modern research needs a huge amount of money, the biologists are very afraid of new ideas because of the competition regarding money. We have seen this in the case of alternative medicine; we see it constantly in the field of psychology. Research money is hard to attract in these alternative fields. So there has to be some change and how the change will come only prosperity will tell. But it’s going to happen. It has to happen. Everyone’s a bit confused about how to solve some big problems that are showing up – global warming, terrorism, the breakdown of democracy; these are all symptoms of the shortcomings of the materialist world. Sooner or later people are going to notice that we are going to have to change the world view and then the focus will centre on the solutions.

There will have to be a change in thinking, as people are thinking only in the narrow arena of thinking too much and only the physical world is believed to be real, and that is a tremendous shortcoming, and this way of thinking doesn’t allow for problems to be solved. We have to expand our arena to include our feelings, our intuitions, and we have got to realise that thinking is not just about information, it’s also about meaning.


Quantum Health 9

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