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Most people think of the notion of personal boundaries as merely representational, rather than a physical reality

DaVinci’s ‘The Vitruvian Man’ holds a hidden key to our understanding of the physicality of our energetic boundary formed by the biofield.

Your energetic boundary is a spherical region of space with the body in the center - smaller when you are a child and growing bigger as you become an adult. Most people think of the notion of personal boundaries as merely representational, rather than a physical reality. Most of us do not occupy our energy space fully because we do not even know that it exists or how large the energetic space is that we own.

There is a common notion that something happens at an arms-length away from the body. Keeping someone “at an arms length” is a popular idiomatic expression that reflects an innate understanding of energetic space. (A friend grew up in a very tough inner city housing project. He said that his father always told him if anyone approached him closer than arms-length he was to hit him.) Arms-length was considered a natural barrier; it defined a space that needed to be protected.

You can experience it for yourself:

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Get up and spread your arms as depicted in the drawing.

Mentally draw a circle around you and then make it three dimensional to complete a


Get a sense of how large your energy field is supposed to be structurally. Notice how much of this space you usually occupy.

Most of us do not occupy our field fully. We claim only a fraction of our energetic space and therefore live and function in a diminished state.

Just think about it. If everything that you have accomplished so far in your life was achieved using only a fraction of your field, what could you accomplish if you occupied your energy field fully? Actually, many of us indeed live with this strong sense that we have not fully realised our potential. Similarly, playing with the matrix in an energetically diminished “open” state, may leave you confused, lost and disoriented. To answer the reader’s question, we are most protected, fulfilled and open when our whole self and our whole field are active and involved, not a mere fragment of it.

Yuliya Cohen is a trained energy healer, medical intuitive and Energy Psychology therapist and researcher. Formerly an engineer and computer science researcher, for the last 25 years, she has applied the scientific method to her bioenergetic field research, and has discovered a unified system of energy field principles that have been successfully applied by clients and healing professionals she has trained throughout the United States and internationally. Yuliya is the founder of the Energy Restructuring Institute, and creator of the Energy Restructuring™ System.

Yuliya has been on the faculty of the New England School of Acupuncture, and has presented at Kripalu Yoga Center, the Osher Institute at Harvard Medical School, and other educational and research institutions. Yuliya also presented her pioneering research ad ACEP, CAIET and ISSSEEM Conferences.

She offers a wide range of lectures, workshops and training based on her experiences as an Energy Psychology researcher and on the innovative principles described in her Energy Psychology textbook, “Energetic Boundaries: The New Paradigm for Effortless Healing.”

Her upcoming book is “The Four Gates Of Recovery – The Forgotten Path for Returning to Wholeness from Anxiety, Panic and PTSD”

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