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e perceive the world through the physical senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. The purpose of this column is to

inspire you to go beyond using these five physical senses. The time has come to begin perceiving the world through the energetic membrane of our biofield.

Q. I have been told I need to be very open in order to experience new realities within the living matrix. I struggle understanding what that state really means.

Many of you may be able to relate to my story. Over 25 years ago, during my very first personal growth workshop, I remember being instructed to be “open.” Somehow the idea of generic openness rendered me vulnerable and exposed. Trained in engineering and computer sciences, I innocently inquired as to what I was exactly opening, and under what parameters I would need to close it back. To me, the invitation to experience the great ocean of undifferentiated consciousness was too much of an abstraction in the absence of clear personal boundary structures.

Beyond the physical five senses of perception, we all have an even greater capacity to perceive the outside world through the “invisible” function and structure of our energetic boundary, rather then an abstract notion of being energetically “open.” Your personal energetic space is the portal through which the individual awareness expands to become universal. Up to now, tracking our experiences through the energetic lenses of the energy field membrane has been the road much less travelled.

Yet to become a fully functioning part of a living matrix, we must recognize that our experiences are shaped through the complex interactions of interdependent energy fields--not just through the mechanisms of the brain. That is why you simply cannot understand human experiences without understanding the power and intelligence of the human biofield.

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The energetic membrane is the missing piece that is needed to explain how we behave and interact. On our quest to craft a master theory of reality, adding energy field membranes to the equation offers us what we have been hoping for, a way to understand why the reality we experience appears to us the way it does.

Mathematician and psychologist G. Spencer Brown (1969), makes the claim that to enter into a relationship with the universe or any part of it, we need to define those relationships by means of clear boundaries. That is how we become aware of things and chose what we want to interact with. In discerning the boundaries between the inner world and the outer world, boundaries allow us to see deeper into the ways those worlds interrelate. The biofield marked by the energetic membrane is your Red Pill that offers you a way to navigate the matrix without getting lost to quantum entanglements while on the journey through an altered state of consciousness and alternate realities. You simply do not have to be concerned with getting enmeshed, because as soon as you take full ownership of your energetic space, it is designed to keep you safe and protected and differentiated.

How far out does your energy field span?

I feel each of us is a soul, an individualised aspect of creation, which incarnates over and over again. In this way the evolution of our consciousness takes place. According to ancient Kabbalistic teachings, the initial individual spark of creation was seeded in an exclusively dedicated space, an energetic container, its permanent home. The energy field is the permanent abode that shelters our souls through successful incarnations in the physical body.

As a soul “lowers” itself into the physical body during a reincarnation, its energetic container expands. It stretches out its boundary to encompass the body as it grows, to the span of our outstretched arms, with the precision of the laws of sacred geometry. The circle in Leonardo

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