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about our patient’s well being and not our shareholders dividends, this type of safe, preventative screening device is the future of medicine. Carol’s contribution has been to develop new software which overlays the thermal image with the underlying physiology.

This event was a huge success and there was not a spare seat in the place, there was even a surgeon who also works with energy medicine, who had flown in from the east coast and many of those who were there were practitioners and clinicians, and this is important because they all spoke of the delight they felt that we were now delivering them a system that could be incorporated into their work, based on scientific research and not just their intuition.

Doctor Harada, the Dean of CIHS, and his team of scientists ran an extraordinary day of research presentations and live demonstrations about the AMI. This is probably the most respected device for measuring meridian function and was a befitting match for the first days plethora of chakra and biofield technologies.


New medicine devices of the near future will be torsion devices, this is made clear in Claude Swanson’s new book ‘Life Force’. (now available through Amazon).

On my Anatomy and Physiology of the human biofield course I always say, “Every atom has mass, which gives us gravitational fields, it has charge, which gives us electro magnetic fields and it has spin, which gives us torsion fields.

The next era of science will be occupied studying torsion and spin, the poor cousin of mass and charge, in today’s science but that which holds them both together.”

I was thrilled last week to meet Alex Hankey, he is a Cambridge/MIT educated scientist who has been working to correlate the ancient Vedic science with modern quantum physics and has found many important insights, but also a graceful language, thousands of years old that seems to better describe reality, in the light of recent scientific breakthroughs. In one of his recent research papers Alex Hankey presents his concept of manifest and unmanifest being the two ends of the quantum scale. All that is macroscopic is manifest and the unseen quantum world is unmanifest. I just love this!

If you would like a copy of the proceedings contact the CBS team or me and we can send it to you.

If you are a user of ‘Facebook’ and would like to be kept abreast of developments in this field then look up and join

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Biofield Scientists. Otherwise you can follow our work at www.

24 Quantum Health

When I was invited speak at the Quantum Medicine Conference in Brazil last year I met Richard Amoroso, the editor of a fantastic compilation of essays entitled ‘Unified Theories’ (not for the light hearted- there are equations in there!! This is also the source of Hankey’s article I speak of above).

I have a great collection of images from museums and galleries of depictions of the human biofield but have never seen anything but circular halos. Can anyone explain to me why this gentleman (fig.5) has a triangular corona/ halo around his head. I am fascinated to find out!

Elizabeth Rauscher is another contributor to this book ‘Unified Theories’, She is a gifted nuclear astrophysicist from the US and I love her to bits and have the pleasure of calling her a dear friend. If you are really interested in how quantum physics is leading us back to holism then do spend some time exploring her work.

Please be in touch with me if you would like any of your questions answered and remember perfect health is just one quantum leap away!

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