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Modern musicians, teachers, recording engineers and therapists have collaborated to create subliminal music and even developed techniques into healing our Body Fields by encoding music with information designed to enhance well-being.

Sound healing expert David Gibson of the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute Of Sanfrancisco www.soundhealingcenter. com/therapy brought this up a notch in his collaboration with the founders of NES Health Harry Massey and Peter Fraser www.neshealth. com to create a CD stamped with bio-energetic information designed to activate coherence in specific bodyfield functions for greater health. This is not done in the usual format of subliminal messaging but rather as a series of mathematical data streams, using the data to structure the music for the optimal bioenergetic effects http://

*From Sound healing centre website Nutri- Energetics System

Now scientists at CERN have taken us one step further and are on the participatory edge with the world of a magnitudal discovery. They have been searching for the fundamental but elusive ‘God particle’ the Higgs Boson and in their quest have managed to recreate the sounds of Atoms, giving us a ticket into a priorly hidden dimension of our Universal Orchestra.

Hydrogen atoms are stripped of their electrons and the remaining protons are accelerated around the Large Hadron Collider using magnets in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. The LHC is housed on the Swiss French border in a 27 km-long circular tunnel, designed to smash sub-atomic particles together near to the speed of light in order to recreate the conditions in the Universe a fraction of a second after the big bang.

In doing so; scientists and engineers have managed to simulate the sounds made by the subatomic particles, an analytical tool designed to pick out particles and most importantly the Higgs Boson or God Particle.

(Side note: according to physicist and Nobel laureate, Leon Lederman; the naming of the God Particle derived from the fact that: *“We couldn’t call it the Goddamn particle. It’s been that frustrating to find!”)

And has created a whole new method with which we can explore our Universe and bring us closer to the mysteries of nature.

The science of sound has been studied for centuries but new developments in quantum physics have opened the doors for light years in advancement that we today are so lucky to be in participants if only we open our ears.

So a moment of psi-lence please as we wait, for tickets to the big bang orchestra will surely be going on sale soon.

*Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute * NES

*source the God Particle by Leon Lederman

** courtesy of Lily Asquith and LHCsound (go to the tape deck to hear the sounds) ***CERN physcists



The sounds at the LHC are eerie, infinite, haunting fairy-tale like, familiar and unfamiliar and their possibilities downright exciting.

A brilliant and amusing way to learn further about the basic workings of the LHC is to listen to the inventive ‘Large Hadron Rap’ created by physicists. watch?v=j50ZssEojtM

Quantum Health 47

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