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The power of sound and the Universe’s symphony

Heather McGee-Parkin

church songs, meditational chants, ting-shaws and sound bowls to the patriotic strums of our national anthems which evoke an unspoken pride of a unifiable identity, conjuring feelings of pride, togetherness and strength within seconds. What would take words endless sentences to create, the power of sound communicates instantly from the voice box to punch and force out the feelings. The sound of a wail can bring empathy from all aspects of life, or fear from those about to war. The simplistic sound of a rock as it skips across the pond combined with the synchronous hand eye movement, grounds us and brings on satisfaction.

J 46 Quantum Health

oy. The word that comes to mind when one actually hears the delicate workings of the sounds made by the tiny subatomic particles that create our Universe. We are on the brink of a new understanding, the cusp of knowledge that will hopefully help bring us from the abc’s of basic understanding of science over the brink, through the wormholes and into a new acopolyptic understanding of our-selves and our relationship and oneness with creation itself.

Scientists and musicians alike have been playing; toying with the incremental sounds for centuries. From the tribal rhythmic drums which beats appear to effect our very core, to the exalted

Ancient mantras, chants and tones rely on the exact units of sound to create specific connections to the inner self and greater all. The Ohm is a perfect example of this. The Ohm is almost like a predisposed genetic sound code using the vibration of the air and the lungs to connecting us to the vast and deep sounds of the Origin. Master politicians/leaders/parties in their wizardry have tapped into the use of sound to propel their campaigns subliminally, tapping into feelings (as opposed to thought) to promote loyalty and identity. Just a football song can bring out a manic frenzy in the right circumstances.Healers and physicians have tapped into this tool for their work; it has been used since time immemorial. Next time you are in a music store, check out the self –help sections, the shelves are stacked with sounds from dolphins, to rain to metronome like synthesizers tapping into the power of music and sound.

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