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What if illness is just a form of communication from the body to the mind? What if each symptom carries a particular message? What if these messages could be heard and understood? When the communication receives an appropriate response, when the issues are addressed, perhaps the underlying need for the illness would evaporate. The body’s immune system is then free to do the job of correction. By learning how to listen to the body on a regular basis, perhaps better health could be maintained.

Serious illnesses may involve multiple communications, like a backlog of issues that were never properly dealt with. What if a serious illness is just like a nest full of hungry baby birds who keep screaming for attention and nourishment? Just feed each of those baby birds by resolving the issues they scream about, and the body can heal more easily. Of course, it can feel daunting, even overwhelming to face old issues that have been stored away for a long time. But with a little expert NLP help, any problem can be healed.

Many people feel tempted to quit when the going gets tough. They give up rather than face the crisis because they lack the tools and know-how to deal with deep issues. They opt for superficial remedies rather than resolving the

underlying cause. Cynicism may have replaced hope. It’s easier to be an ostrich with its head in the sand than to learn how to listen and trust in the body again.

Lucky people discover what works. Today new technologies like NLP provide the insights, tools and techniques for healing and achieving any outcome. In fact, the whole process can be simply boiled down to three essential elements. First, know what you truly want, making sure that the outcome is possible, desirable, appropriate and congruent with who you are. Second, direct all thoughts, energy and passion towards what you want, instead of allowing your mind to seduce you down negative pathways. Third, clear out whatever blocks the way, root out internal conflicts and find that place of inner peace.

The fastest way to do this is to create a habit of inner acceptance. Appreciate how the events of life have served you well. Free yourself from guilt, regret, disappointment, sadness, fear, anger and revenge. Understand the higher purpose at work, and find ways to forgive yourself and others. Reclaim your natural responsibility and power. The moment you allow things to be the way they are, anything can change. By being totally present and in the moment, in the ‘now’, you can grasp the opportunity to make a better choice and heal.

If you’d like to know more about the 8 Factors of Healing, please visit the website: www. Arielle’s download book ‘The 8 Factors of Healing’ explains how to achieve each factor and provides easy NLP exercises to help.

Arielle works as a specialist healer, coach and trainer combining practical psychology, NLP, hypnosis, non-verbal intelligence, emotional intelligence into her own unique ‘Practical Miracles’ coaching approach. Her broad base of

28 Quantum Health

experience makes for a truly holistic and deep approach. She holds full certification as a NLP master practitioner and trainer, hypnotherapy & time line re-imprinting, coaching, NVI (non- verbal intelligence), EI (emotional intelligence), cranial/sacral therapy, allergy therapy, naturopathy, kinesiology, as well as being fully qualified as a NES practitioner. She will be giving a one day workshop on Healing at Alternatives on the 16th October, as well as a Special Healing Workshop, 19 – 21 November. Call 020 7622 4670 for more information.

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