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ast month we explored how you can rewrite your core-beliefs using the self- help technique, Matrix Reimprinting. This month we are going to explore how you can transform your relationships with friends, lovers, work colleagues, partners or spouses.

When we have a relationship issue in the present, it’s easy to see it as an isolated incident. But if you look back at all the relationship issues that you may have experienced in your past, can you start to see that a certain theme has run through them? It could be that in your relationships you have a theme of trust. Perhaps you can’t seem to trust anyone, or perhaps you do trust, but experience repeated infidelity from partners, or betrayal from friends. Or maybe the issue is honesty. Perhaps people lie to you or are dishonest towards you. Or maybe there is general conflict, but along a similar theme. Perhaps you find yourself arguing with people about certain things, or getting caught on a treadmill of negative behaviours that seem familiar to you. And here’s the challenging part – even if you have become conscious of these behaviours, do you keep repeating them, despite your awareness? Well, be assured that you are not alone! Repeating these themes in relationships is more common than you may think.

But why do we seem to keep sabotaging our relationships, and running the same themes, over and over again? The answer lies in our early childhood experiences. You may be already aware that in the first six years of our lives, our brains are in delta and theta brain wave activity – the same states that hypnotherapists drop us into to make us more suggestible. So we download the universe as truth during this period, and whatever we see, hear and experience is stored in our subconscious mind (which controls over 95% of our cognitive behaviour processes). What happens is when you experience something that reminds you of your early experiences or imprints of relationships, your subconscious retriggers all the feelings and sensations of that early experience.

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Your subconscious in not your enemy. In fact, it is trying to remind you of the early experience, in order to keep you safe and prevent it from reoccurring. Unfortunately, what happens is our experiences make our perception filters become distorted, so we end up triggering our emotions because of situations that weren’t actually harmful to us, and we keep cycling around in the same patterns.

In Matrix Reimprinting, we like to add a further interpretation of what is happening when we trigger the subconscious mind in this way. There have been lots of suggestions by leading scientists such as Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake, that our memories are not actually stored in the brain, but in the field or matrix that connects us all. According to this suggestion, we tune into the memories in the matrix with our subconscious, and they trigger our physiology accordingly. In Matrix Reimprinting we refer to the negative parts of ourselves that are stored in our field due to our earlier life experience as Energetic Consciousness Holograms or ECHOs. These ECHOs occur when we experience a traumatic event, and are parts of our consciousness freezes in time to protect us from re-experiencing the traumatic event. Many of them occur in the first six years of life, but you can have an ECHO from any year of your life.

You may be questioning whether you have experienced enough trauma to create an ECHO. It is worth noting that to a child, any situation where they feel devalued, put down, let down, and so on, creates a traumatic experience, and thus creates an ECHO. So, for example, if your father said or implied that you weren’t good enough, then as a child, this will register as a “small t” trauma and create an ECHO. Because of the Law of Attraction, we then attract similar situations along the same theme. And we keep attracting them until we are able to gain resolution.

So, how do you gain resolution, so your current relationships aren’t affected by your past? With Matrix Reimprinting you can quickly and easily do this, enabling you to be more whole and complete. So, how does it work? Perhaps you

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