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have already come across or heard of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). EFT is a meridian tapping therapy which involves bringing to mind a negative situation from the past and tapping on points of the meridian system of the body (the same system used in acupuncture) in order to release the emotional disruption of the event from the body’s energy system. Matrix Reimprinting evolved out of EFT, but has some important differences. The main one is that with Matrix Reimprinting, you can actually go in and rewrite your memories. In case you were wondering, this is very different to denying the past. From a quantum physics point of view, we have an infinite number of different possible pasts. Matrix Reimprinting allows you to tune into one that is more resourceful. And as you do, it changes the picture that you hold in your Matrix about the past event, allowing your physiology and your emotions to heal accordingly.

So, if you are having a relationship issue in the present, a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner would ask you “What is the theme of this issue? And what is your earliest memory relating to this theme?” If you can’t remember, that’s OK too, as

when we combine this with tapping on certain points of the body, you are able to easily tune into a memory from this theme. And the amazing thing is, when you go back to the root cause and change what happened, for example, getting the praise or attention that you needed from your father when you were 6 years old, then your relationships start to change in the present.

Next month we will explore how some allergies are emotional in nature, and what to do in order to resolve emotional allergies.

Sasha Allenby co-authored the brand new Hay House book Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, with the creator of Matrix Reimprinting, EFT Master Karl Dawson. The book is available from and all good bookshops.

Sasha teaches Matrix Reimprinting all over the world through training courses, workshops, conferences and webinar programmes.

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Sasha Allenby

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