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The new Circulation Driver (ED 5) is designed to be used with helpers. It matches with the following:

Vitamin C Vitamin E

Coenzyme Q10 Kidney Driver Spleen Driver Pancreas Driver

of the cell is upset. Cell Driver will soon correct this, within hours or a few days. The detox organs will be overloaded – the lungs, skin, bowels and kidneys. Hot baths are good.

The question of dosage is up to the practitioner. Testing indicates a need for 15 to 30 drops a day. But not necessarily every day. If there is a lot of detox going on there is a case for stopping the ED 5 and going for fluids, teas, massage, bathing and even gentle exercise. Testing indicates that a dose of 30 drops might only be needed every third or even fifth day. Detox requires energy so rest and fluids are needed.

We are not chemical beings. We are information transformers. When doing a detox, which everyone needs to do due to the state of the urban environment, you need to cut out toxic information of the type you find on T.V. programmes and the British Press. Meditation is nice. So far as music goes, NES has produced some CD’s with special imprints. Mozart is highly useful too since it has such internal harmony. The circulatory system is the largest organ in the body, so remember it can hold a truly huge amount ot heavy metals, fats, pesticides, organo phosphates and chlorides. Detox is an on-going process for us all.

What happens? We can expect sore eyes, aching in the chest, sore legs, arthritis, headaches and tingles in the hands and feet. The battle to get

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healthy in this society is not entirely easy, but try to do a circulatory detox every six months or every three months if you have not energy. Mark it on your calendar.The place where the big energy blockage is found is in the abdomen where the circulatory system joins the large bowel. To help move things, you will need less milk, yoghurt and cheese and take lots more grape juice, fresh of course. Ginger does strong things to the circulation in Chinese medicine, too.

Experiments with the new Circulation Driver (ED 5) indicate that it matches with circulatory disease and to the specific arteries that cause so much bother – the coronary arteries. Likewise the penile artery. The amazing thing we found in NES research is the change, for the better, in personal characteristics, as the heart improves its function. Emotions from the past can flood into your thoughts. It is these emotions or information pods or fractals that set off heart attacks so far as our energetic theory goes. Once gone, your heart is set to improve.

We know about gingko, biloba and rutin, ginger, Steria and even vitamin B17. But to get some detox action we have found that removal of calcium salts is the one that matters most. And of course that chakra on the top of your head, with its link to the eyes, coronary arteries and liver.

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