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unearthed at a Neolithic site along with animal purses that indicate some 50,000 years ago even Neathanderals wore makeup.*

Throughout the ages, an individual’s level of spirituality, morality, economic status, age, or beauty has been reflected with makeup. The ancient Egyptians used crocodile excrement for mud baths and copper and lead in their eye shadow.* Kohl was used to outline the eyes and was made of burnt almonds, soot, lead and copper (it was believed at the time to improve site and ward off evil spirits*) Copper left alone for long periods is a haven for bacteria and lead as we now know is poisonous. Archeological digs have even unearthed mercury in ancient Greek make-up.

Roman philosopher Plautus once said, “A woman without paint is like food without salt.”*

The Romans revered the body and are infamous for setting up spas in most areas that they conquered, bringing to the New Worlds their ideaologies and technical knowledge for the betterment of health and beauty. What they weren’t aware of was that the lead in the pipes that provided their saunas, cooking utensils and makeup was slowly poisoning them. Some partially accredit the beginning of their downfall to their minds and bodies for being addled by lead.

During and after the Rennaisance, the epitome of beauty was ‘alabaster skin’. The common labourer’s skin was darkened and bronzed by the melanin from sun exposure. hence, the higher the persons status the more leisure time was spent inside and the whiter the skin. Aware of the ‘ paler the skin – higher the class’ rule, the society conscious European nobility spent large amounts of their time ‘working’ to keep their skins light, some even went so far as to ‘bleed’ themselves.*

.In the Elizabethan times the miracle makeup heralded was Ceruse* a poisonous concoction of lead paint in arsenic. Queen Elizabeth; famed for her white complexion used it liberally as a political tool to represent her ‘virginity’ and ‘purity’, it’s only slightly inconvenient side-effect was that it corroded her face.

50 Quantum Health

So really in the year 2010, in the era of nano- particles and parabens we are stuck in the same conundrum as our historical ancestors. Our methods are more refined our ingredients more sophisticated but for all our advancements, makeup may still be as toxic as ever.


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