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The actual body process in dealing with material toxic to the body is like a politician faced with the truth.

We are used to the homeopaths’ traditional idea of using low potency herbs for the liver and kidney organs, or even the lymphatic system. That can be improved upon these days so I am going to outline the latest NES Health research on this popular topic. Prepare to modify your ideas greatly.

The actual body process in dealing with material toxic to the body is like a politician faced with the truth. Something has to be hidden quickly. The most damaging things are anything that will severely disrupt the Human Body Field (HBF). We already know that lead and all of its salts, and anything with tin is anathema to the HBF. Cadmium favors upsetting the stomach and mercury favours concentration in the brain and urinary system.

We also accumulate in various favoured places, Aluminum, Arsenic and Thallium; if you want to know exactly where just pick up a homeopathic repertory. It is all energetic toxicology. Signs that you need a massive detox are given in a site called www. Yes! It’s also in French. Have a look.

I have spent months trying to get the NES Health Infoceutical called Circulation Driver (ED5) to work better. I wanted to find out why it didn’t seem to register when I know that most people are a huge rubbish dump for industrial chemicals. For a long time I experimented with the great cholesterol myth to get it to work in the NES system and to try to avoid common medical treatments for its removal, ones I stopped taking years ago to save my brain.

While academics carry on about fats versus calcium plaque, I found that Bioenergerically, calcium rules. My experiments showed that

30 Quantum Health

Circulation Driver, with an affect on calcium worked for longer, instead of fading out. Calcium, remember, is just another metal, and in bioenergetics it is a multi-functional semi- conductor. Like a transistor, it will only conduct energy in certain directions. Calcium changes everything depending on what it combines with. Look at calcium salts and their energetic effects in any homeopathic repertory. They are all different. Has it not occurred to those with ears of cloth that , while cerebrovascular accidents (CVA’s) may be caused by rupture of fatty deposits and the adherence to them of clots, the substrate of calcium and its other metals is always there to change the HBF and therefore the body chemistry?

Correction of the heavy metals and also light metals might have to be done in order to correct the fats deposits in the arteries. My experiments led me to consider that. Careful application of the matching method in the right context, can take you forward very rapidly. And this method of enquiry will show the order in which things go wrong, and not just analyse resulting conditions. The HBF matching research shows order or precedence, where as academic research does not, generally.Heavy and even light metals might really upset fat metabolism, simply because metals are a lot more potent in chemistry. Hydrogen ions could be the key here.

These vitamins are for repair rather than for detox, the infoceuticals to assist detox.

The new version of ED 5 actually contains a little ES15 or Heavy Metals Detox and a few important amino acids. It also has something for the chakra right on top of your head. So emotions can appear too. And of course, arthritis can flare up as well. When a detox is in progress, the activity

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